Multicolumn PDF edits using Link & Join Text

Skip the designer: Multicolumn PDF edits using Link & Join Text

See if this sounds familiar: You have a PDF document with a sophisticated layout—say, with images, graphics and photos, nice fonts, maybe even some drop caps—and you need to edit the text.

The old way is complicated and takes a long time:

  1. Look for the original document.
  2. If you can find it, make sure it has the latest edits.
  3. Send it to the designer.
  4. The designer updates the layout while you wait (im)patiently.
  5. Get it back from the designer, converted back into PDF.

Ouch. With Foxit PDF Editor, it doesn’t have to be this painful. Just use the Link & Join Text feature to edit the content and layout in your PDF document instead.

Linking and joining text

Using the Link & Join Text feature, you can link multiple text blocks together or join separate text blocks into a single paragraph within your document. You can also divide a selected block of text into separate parts.

These features are especially useful when you need to add or remove text and when you need to resize a content block. Here’s why…

Think about what happens when you add a few sentences to the second column of a three-column document. Adding content causes the text box to get longer, which means it might overlap images or other text boxes. So then you have to start moving things around and changing the design. By linking the columns, however, any text you add just flows into the next column.

In this way, you can extend text without affecting headlines and subheads, images, or overall layout—and keep your PDF documents up-to-the-minute. There’s no need for everyone to have extensive document layout skills or expensive software.

To see what we mean, watch this tutorial on using the Link & Join Text feature in Foxit PDF Editor. It shows you yet another way that PDF software like Foxit PDF editor means you’ve got the right tools at your fingertips.

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