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The New Foxit PDF Editor and PDF Editor+

Have you gone shopping for software lately? There’s individual pricing and team pricing, but then there’s also pro individual pricing and pro team pricing, enterprise pricing, enterprise premium pricing, pro team enterprise pricing, pro premium ultimate for enterprise teams pricing, and pro individual unlimited teams within an enterprise while managing licensing pricing. Are you confused yet? We were. This seems to be the new standard for most SaaS companies; providing multiple price points for what feels like should be the same product, make it as confusing as possible, and get people to sign up for less than what they need for more than they should be paying. It’s no wonder customers are getting frustrated. 

At Foxit, we decided to do something truly innovative and revolutionary in the PDF technology market—again. We decided to make things simple, and give you everything.

Introducing the new Foxit PDF Editor. No “Teams” or “Pro” or “Ultra…” no confusing price tiers, just our award-winning flagship PDF solution, complete and whole, with all of its robust digital document workflow features, and still at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. You even get access to the world’s first PDF AI Assistant, with over 80+ smart commands, plus access to the web-based cloud editor, and 20 GB of cloud storage.

For those of you who need a little more, Foxit PDF Editor+ combines everything the editor has to offer with Foxit eSign and up to 150 yearly envelopes per user, plus a fully automated AI-powered Smart Redaction tool, full access to the Foxit PDF Editor Mobile App, and a massive 150 GB of cloud storage space to save and share your PDF documents from any device.

With either solution, you have the option to include license management with a centralized admin console, with no minimum license requirement. The admin console provides a web portal to easily manage licenses and features within Foxit products.  Need more than 30 licenses? Then you may qualify for a volume license discount. Be sure to request a quote and see how much you can save. Special discounts are also available for Education and Non-Profit organizations.

Let’s do away with confusing price tiers and complicated subscription plans. Foxit is known for being fast, clear, and undeniably efficient, while leading the way in PDF technology and customer service. Now our solutions reflect that mission, so that we can provide you with the very best we have to offer, whether you just need a single license for yourself or 1,000 licenses for your company.

Here’s to clarity, and here’s to solutions that work. 

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