How to Send a PDF Via Text

send pdf via text

Sending a PDF via Text

Texts can be a great way to convey your views, information, and concepts in a short, quickly delivered format. Yet there are times that your message needs more than just a few words. PDFs are the answer.

The portable document format (or PDF) is the electronic version of handing a paper document to anyone. Although PDFs are almost always text-based, they can even include images or hyperlinks.

People who move from email campaigns to texting worry about losing the ability to send PDFs. But that’s not really an issue. In fact, did you know you can send a PDF to your cell phone directly? You can transfer files in just seconds.

Why text a PDF?

Why would anyone want to send PDFs by text? It’s not just about the convenience; it’s about changing how you do business. Texts have impressive open-and-reply rates. This is why so many organizations across the country have switched to the platform for their communications.

You can attach a PDF to your text to make it mobile-friendly and easily get e signatures.

These are great examples of PDFs customers might find useful in a text message.

  • Tickets for concerts, travel, and other events
  • Brochures about a service or an experience
  • Summary of appointment
  • Receipts
  • Report cards
  • Sales quotes
  • Schedules

This is just a small sampling of the possibilities. There are many more.

Sending PDF via Text

Your attachment should not exceed 1MB, just like texting videos. This limit should not be a problem for most PDFs that don’t have too many pages or pictures. If your PDF file exceeds this limit, you can still compress it with tools such as our free online PDF compressor.

A PDF is more convenient than a photo because you can send the document as-is to your client without any distortion. Instead of sending your PDF as an image, we recommend that you use an online PDF compression program.

PDFs are a great way to avoid overly lengthy emails or include important information in emails that might not be opened. PDFs are versatile and convenient. They can be a business owner’s dream come to life.

You’re now an expert at texting PDFs. Your only limit is megabytes and your imagination.

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