Foxit Introduces Foxit Sign

Foxit Introduces Foxit Sign

Introducing Foxit Sign, a new simple-to-use, legally binding eSignature service, as part of our comprehensive PDF Solution Suite

We recently announced Foxit Sign, a new eSignature service providing full, legally binding and secure eSign workflow. We want to tell you a bit more about it and what it can do for you.

Foxit Sign makes it easy to create and sign digital contracts, agreements and forms to expedite business in today’s digital world.

It’s a legally binding eSign service for preparing and gathering important signed documents. Among Foxit Sign features and capabilities, you get:

  • Full eSign Workflow – Just upload your document, create your template, add recipients, and send. Foxit Sign automates the workflow by sending notifications, collecting signatures from all recipients, and allowing you to track the progress of who’s signed and who hasn’t.
  • Create One-Time or Reusable Documents – Create one-off documents and/or reusable document templates that can be filled out and signed by a different set of recipients each time.
  • Easy to Use – Whether from web or mobile, generating agreements and sending them out for eSignatures is quick and easy. Foxit Sign decreases the amount of “clicks” by 30-50% when you’re sending a document for signature.
  • Secure – Security is the top priority when you’re sending and receiving contracts. Foxit Sign supports 256-bit encryption, audit trails, certified completion, control of visibility, and email authentication to ensure you stay secure at all times from would-be prying eyes.
  • Legally Compliant – Foxit Sign meets regulations for eSignatures and electronic documents like UETA and ESIGN so you can be sure you’re in compliance.
  • Collaborate – No matter the location of your team members – across the office, from home, or the other side of the world – the whole team can collaborate on any document.

When you’re using Foxit Sign, you don’t have to worry about anyone making changes to the document as they might if a paper contract hit their desk. They’re simply asked to sign as appropriate where and how you guide them to.

What’s more, the users you send to can only fill out and modify fields you enable them to. Best of all, they can’t miss signing where you need them to because if you make fields required, Foxit Sign won’t allow them to continue or sign until they complete the fields that you made mandatory.

All of which means that, whether you’re completing a partnership agreement, leasing property or equipment, closing a sale, or hiring a new employee, using Foxit Sign, the process moves smoothly and automatically, plus gets completed quickly.

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