How to Edit PDFs on Mobile Devices

how to edit PDFs on mobile devices

Do you need to update a PDF on the go?

How many times have you been away from your home or office and needed to make a quick update to a PDF, finding yourself searching Google for ways to edit a PDF on mobile?

If this is you, you’re in luck. With Foxit’s mobile app, you can easily edit your PDFs from your mobile device. You can also decide which changes you want to keep or discard. So whether you’re at the office or on the go, you can always keep your PDFs up-to-date.

Foxit PDF Editor for your smartphone brings the power of Foxit’s cutting-edge PDF technologies to your fingertips.

Here are the steps to take if you need to edit a PDF on your mobile device:

1. Open Your PDF

First, open Foxit PDF Editor app  for iOS or Android and use the file browser to locate the document you want to modify. The file can be found on your device, or it can be located on cloud storage services such as Google Drive, iCloud, SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and OneDrive Business. Foxit PDF Editor on mobile also supports Wi-Fi file transfer so you can send documents from your mobile device to your computer.

2. Change the Content

To edit the content of your PDF, go to the “Edit” screen. Here you will find different options for editing:

  • You can edit text, objects, add voice, video, or link to the content.
  • You can link to content with a web link or to a page within the document.

Start editing text by tapping the “Home” dropdown in the top center of the screen, then tap over the text box containing the text you want to modify, select “Edit,” and then start updating text.  When you finish, tap over the “Done” button.

3. Alter Layout

After editing text, you may need to make layout changes in order to improve readability. The app will allow you to move the “text boxes” to enhance the PDF’s layout. Just tap on the “text box” and hold-down to move the “text box” to a better location in the document.

4. Modify Appearance

To make text bold or change it’s color:

Select the paragraph you would like to modify by taping over it to select it then, long press and “Select All,” to either change font style, font size, paragraph alignment (to the left, center, or right), or text color.

5. Change Images

Need to do a quick image update when you’re on the go?

While you’re still on the “Edit” screen, tap over the image and select “Remove.” Then, tap the “Add Image” icon and choose the image you want to insert. Adjust the size and place it anywhere in the document. Sometimes the picture you insert from the gallery is upside-down; however, you can rotate it to the right or left by tapping over the image and selecting the “Rotate” function.

Getting started

Making document modifications when you’re not at your desk is easy when you have a mobile-friendly PDF Editing software.

The Foxit PDF Editor mobile app is included in Pro+ or available as a single download on iOS in the App Store or Google Play store for Android devices.

4 thoughts on “How to Edit PDFs on Mobile Devices

  1. RizRiz

    Nope! That’s not all.
    Foxit android pdf editor is not going to save edited documents back to pdf, it will be a an unreadable file. instead of turning it back to pdf as it recieved

  2. Lindsay CargillLindsay Cargill

    Using Motorola edge 30….cannot find downloaded files ANYWHERE on my phone even by using “ghost commander” .
    I want to attach to an email, Gmail that is, but cannot see any of the filed that have been downloaded using foxit.
    Where do you hide them?


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