How to create a non-searchable (image only) PDF file

How to create a non-searchable image only PDF file

A PDF file created from most programs contains both text and images. You can search the text using PDF viewers. The text can also be copied and pasted into other documents. It can also be indexed by search engines such as Google and Bing.

Some people however want PDF files that cannot be searched. For example, lawyers in litigation are required to share documents with their counterparts, but this doesn’t mean that they want to make it easy for the opposing counsel.

No matter the reason, saving your PDF as an image is the best way to create a non-searchable PDF. 

Here’s how to create a non-searchable (image only) PDF file .

  1. Select FILE > Export to Image or click CONVERT > To Image.
  2. Choose the type of image and the page range (all pages, current page, a range of pages), and click OK.
  3. Set the color space, resolution, and other settings (depending on file type) from “Settings” in the Save As dialog box before you save the file. Click OK to continue.
  4. Click Save.

Keep in mind that converting the entire PDF to an image can increase file size. Sometimes, this can be quite significant. This article will provide more information about how to manage your PDF file size.

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  1. Flappy BirdFlappy Bird

    While it is a requirement for attorneys to exchange documents with their opponents during a legal dispute, this does not mean that they want to make things simple for the other side’s attorney.


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