How to convert PDF to HTML

Foxit PDF editor

This article will tell you how to convert PDF to HTML with Foxit PDF Editor.

1.      Click File > Export, or navigate to the Convert tab.

2.      Choose To HTML(Tip: You can also export it through File > Save As.)

3.         In the pop-up dialog box, specify the file name and location. Select View Result to open the output file after the conversion process is completed.

4.         (Optional) You can select more options from “Settings” in the Save As dialog box before saving the file. In the Save as htm setting dialog box, select options as needed.

Page Range: chooses the page range you want to export.

Content Setting: selects Include Images to export images in the PDF. The setting is not available if you choose Image-based document in Export Engine Settings.

File and Navigation Pane Settings: chooses Single HTML Page to export the PDF to a single HTML file, and you can add headings and bookmarks in the navigation pane of the output HTML file; or choose Multiple HTML Pages to split the PDF by its headings or bookmarks into several HTML files. The settings are not available if you choose Image-based document in Export Engine Settings.

Export Engine Settings: If the PDF is primarily images and non-text objects, the Image-based document option is recommended. If you choose Image-based document, click Setting Language to select the language for OCR.

Restore Default: reverts to the original default settings.   

5.         Click Save, and the HTML file will be created and opened in your default web browser.

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