eSignature Workflows for One-Time-Use or Contract

advanced workflow foxit
advanced workflow foxit

Today, customers expect their product and company interactions to be as frictionless as possible – including when it comes to documentation. Providing the elements of both convenience and productivity are crucial, leading many businesses to prioritize accommodating these consumer expectations. Because eSignatures have the capability of fulfilling both of these elements, they have steadily grown to be a staple in business processes throughout a wide variety of industries.

Workflows matter. When the right steps are in place to comprise a good workflow, it can enable businesses and customers to get more done faster, reach goals with more ease, and maximize overall efficiency. Foxit eSign’s eSignature workflow is designed to provide a seamless workflow experience for all users and signers.

 What Are eSignature Workflows?

In recent years, the workflows and processes of business have changed dramatically to keep up with the shift in consumer expectations and evolving technologies. With this shift, many actions have become digitized to allow for the expansion of services, streamlined functionality, and more widespread accommodation – this is where electronic signature software comes in.

Electronic signature workflows are an essential requirement for businesses to establish effective ways of obtaining signatures and completing digital documents and contracts. When the right eSignature workflow is in place, it not only can help businesses and their customers obtain and provide signatures, but it can manage the entire document completion process from beginning to end.

A successful eSignature workflow will generally have the following base elements in place to automate the signing process:

  • Document Creation: During this step, users will upload documents for signature and add data and signing fields as needed. Reusable and premade templates may also be used.
  • Document Sending: Prepared contracts, agreements, forms, and other documents are digitally sent to recipients in this step.
  • Document Review: Receiving parties are given the means and opportunity to access and review the documents sent for signature.
  • Document Signing: Following review, signatories can provide any necessary data, sign, and send it back to necessary parties.
  • Document Completion and Storage: Lastly, signed documents are stored for future access and links to completed documents are provided to signing parties.

How Foxit eSign Takes eSignature Workflow to the Next Level

Helping users establish a customized and streamlined eSignature workflow that runs parallel to individual business processes is a priority for Foxit eSign. Our electronic signature solution enhances the basics of signing processes and provides key features that allow for maximized document workflows that support the unique needs of businesses and their customers.

Here’s a look at the flexible workflow Foxit eSign offers in the case of a one-time-use document:

  1. Upload Documents: Users can upload documents in almost any file format and convert to PDF. Formats include DOC, DOCX, XLSX, XLS, PPT, PPTX, CSV, TXT, RTF, and PNG.
  2. Prepare Documents for Signing: Drag and drop signature fields, date fields, data entry fields, and advanced field options, such as hyperlinks and accept/decline options onto uploaded documents to guide signers through completion quickly and easily. Personalized branding, color changes, and more can also be implemented during document preparation to ensure brand continuity. Complete the preparation process by assigning one or more recipients.
  3. Send to Recipients: Provide a simplified and manageable approach to signing by generating a unique signing link in one click to email clients. Alternatively, SMS links can be utilized as well as in-person signing.
  4. Audit the Signing Process: Utilizing Foxit eSign’s detailed audits, users can know where documents are in the signing process at all times. Plus, reminders can be quickly and easily sent along the way to prompt faster document completion.
  5. Ensure Authenticity and Compliance: By utilizing security and identity features during the signing process, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), knowledge-based authentication (KBA), and SMS links, businesses can better ensure legality, compliance, and document authenticity. Additionally, certificates of completion are provided following the signing of all documents.
  6. Store and Access Signed Documents: Securely access completed documents and keep them organized by assigning labels. Foxit eSign users can also easily upload to their preferred cloud storage or download to their personal local servers.

Get more deals closed faster

Additionally, users can automate signing tasks and processes by using pre-built integrations available for 1000s of popular applications.

With Foxit eSign, businesses can better optimize and automate the signing process through workflows that are designed to improve customer satisfaction, close deals faster, and simply get more done.

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