How to choose the right PDF software: 5 steps for IT professionals

How to choose the right PDF software: 5 steps for IT professionals

As an in-house IT professional, it’s your responsibility to find and implement the best PDF software. By “best,” this means a PDF solution that is layman-friendly, easy to manage, and scalable. Follow these five steps to determine which PDF software solution is best for your organization.

  1. Take internal inventory

Review your staff. How many have access to a PDF viewer like Foxit PDF Reader? Or need full PDF creation and editing capability of software like PhantomPDF? This is an opportunity to identify non-compliant licenses, also. You don’t have to investigate each employee individually. You can create a quick survey asking staff members which PDF software they use.

  1. Schedule a test period

How user friendly is a given PDF software product? You won’t know unless your staff actually uses it in a real-world office setting. Set up a team trial with a sample of employees. Instruct them to use the software as a daily part of their workflow. Keep a record of all feedback in various areas, including ease of use, mobile friendliness, etc.

  1. Present the results

If you think the product is a go, then the next step is presenting the evidence to the leadership to obtain signoff. Report all the findings and have trial participants share their personal user experience. You can even arrange for a PDF vendor representative to vouch for the product if you’re willing to ask them to do so.

  1. Implement a deployment plan

After approval from the higher-ups, it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty details of implementation. Determine how your new PDF software will be integrated into the company. This is the time to identify any possible issues. IT professionals should also maintain an ongoing relationship with the vendor. This ensures quick assistance should you run into any hiccups during the deployment phase.

  1. Continue to build awareness

Encourage every staff member from top to bottom to use your newly acquired PDF software. Ask the vendor to provide user resources, such as video tutorials, gamification, or any feature that encourages daily use.

Follow these steps and in short order, you’ll arrive at the best PDF software solution for your organization.

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