Document intelligence for today’s connected world

Document intelligence for today’s connected world

Digital engagement is transforming the way institutions do business – from hospitals getting a second opinion from an overseas doctor to federal institutions conducting foreign diplomacy while remaining on their native soil.

The widespread digital network also calls for more stringent compliance requirements and protection of sensitive data.

With all this in play, we’re creating and distributing more documents than ever before. And those documents have become wild cards. For example, you may store your documents on a secure enterprise collaboration system but what happens when an employee downloads one to a laptop? And what happens if that employee leaves your organization?

Security and control at the systems level simply isn’t enough. As a document creator, you should have full control at the document level itself, so you can revoke access, monitor where your documents travel, how often they’re distributed, how many versions are created, and more.

The rise of ConnectedPDF (cPDF)

cPDF offers the latest in document intelligence, affording you control of your content pre- and post-publishing. The full spectrum of benefits includes:

  • cPDF Security – Grant and revoke access privileges to your documents. This includes establishing a hierarchy level of access (who can edit vs. who can only view, print or comment).
  • cPDF Collaboration – Enable teamwork through file sharing, comments, and connected reviews.
  • cPDF Document Intelligence – Make your documents smart enough to let you know who opened your file and what they do with it, from viewing it, printing it, leaving a comment, etc. Also, notify readers of new updates to documents, which saves time and ensures use of the most accurate, up-to-date information.

More about document intelligence

Document intelligence in cPDF tracks two things: the file itself and how users interact with the file. This can be applied to the file as a whole or to individual pages, giving you the most insight into how your content is being used and by whom. Document intelligence enables you to know:

  • How much time is spent viewing the document or specific page
  • The number of times a page is viewed
  • The pages that were most often skipped
  • Whether an offline copy was printed
  • Whether the file was sent for a shared review

You’ll have instant access to page-by-page analytics that let you determine which pages readers find most appealing. If a page with a case study and graph is frequently viewed, shared, and bookmarked, for example, then that may spur you to optimize the content by presenting further studies or visuals.

cPDF marks the dawn of the Internet of Documents era. With document intelligence embedded right into the document, you get invaluable insight into—and control over—how your documents are used.

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