Foxit releases Foxit Reader for Mac and Linux 1.1

By Leon Liang, Marketing Research Analyst

Foxit PDF Reader for Mac/Linux makes it easy to view, print, and annotate PDF documents. In addition, it supports AD RMS for enterprises that need document access control.

Today, we’re glad to announce version 1.1, with a clean new user interface and useful new features that are worth downloading and trying out.

Foxit PDF Reader for Mac 1.1

Reader for Mac 1.1-screenshot

Foxit PDF Reader for Linux 1.1

Reader for Linux 1.1-screenshot

New capabilities in Foxit PDF Reader for Mac OS X and Linux 1.1 include:

  • Cloud-based shared reviews: Read, reply, and share comments in the cloud for effective collaboration with team members. This is an amazingly powerful tool that Foxit provides at no extra cost to our customers. Learn more about it here.
  • Add and open file attachments: Open and view attachments embedded in PDF files, and attach files to PDFs for quick and easy reference.
  • Drawing markup tools: Add lines, ovals, rectangles, and arrows to PDF files, making it easy to provide visual feedback on PDF documents during reading and reviewing.
  • Plus: Retina display and trackpad gesture support for Macs.

Foxit PDF Reader provides a consistent user experience for PDF consumption across multi-platform environments, consisting of Foxit PDF Reader for Windows®, Mac, and Linux desktops and Foxit MobilePDF for iOS®, Android®, and Windows Phone mobile devices. Contact our sales team at 1-866-680-3668.

11 thoughts on “Foxit releases Foxit Reader for Mac and Linux 1.1

  1. Daniel Carrera

    I just discovered Foxit Reader for Linux and I am so happy. I need to annotate PDFs to exchange to communicate with my student who is using a Mac, and Linux programs like Okular just don’t seem to work. So I went around looking for alternatives and someone recommended Foxit Reader. I tried it, and it works beatifully. Now I can make PDF annotations that my student can read on her Mac.

    Thank you for making Foxit Reader for Linux.

  2. Neelabh Srivastav


    I am interested in purchasing Phantom Pdf for MacBook. Please know if it supports it.

    Thank you.

  3. James

    A bit late to the party but fantastic to see FoxIt on Linux, especially with Adobe dropping support a number of years ago now. Hugely useful!

  4. Min

    the new version appears to solved the freeze problem when trying to print a PDF document in the previous version…well, for the most part. I tried to print for a few times, by using ctrl+p, the “print” from “File” dropdown menu, and by click on the press icon directly . They work most of the time, but there was 1 out of 10 times when I click the print icon directly, the GUI froze for about a minutes before it comes back with an empty list of printer and blank preview window.
    Overall, it looks like the new version v1.1.1.0602 for Linux works a lot better, and more responsive as compared to the previous v1.1.0.1025 version.
    Thank you very much, team. Please keep up the good work.

  5. Gary

    Hi, I installed Foxit for Mac and have tried to make it my default pdf reader. Foxit returns a failed error. What’s the trick?

    1. FOXITBLOG Post author

      So here is how you change the Mac default PDF application from “Preview” to something else:

      Use the Finder application on your Mac and find a PDF document
      Press the “control” key on your keyboard and click on the PDF document
      A window will pop up. Select “Get Info”
      Within the “Get Info” window there is field called “Open with”. Choose the PDF application you wish to use as your default PDF app from that list.
      After you have selected the PDF app from the dropdown list now press the “Change All” button directly under the dropdown list. This will make all PDF documents on your Mac open with the application you just chose instead of Preview (the built-in default Mac PDF application).

  6. Andrzej

    Foxit Reader stands out of the crowd due to its commenting capabilities.
    However, Foxit Reader for Linux does not support international characters in comment mode which makes it pretty much useless for all but English language users.
    The other annoying fact is that it does not allow user to select a part of the displayed document to be copied as an image.
    So the bottom line is: Foxit Reader for Linux is good – but good enough.


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