Foxit PDF Editor Cloud’s Latest Update Introduces New AI Chat

Foxit PDF Editor Cloud’s Latest Update Introduces New AI Chat

The era of AI and AI chat went from zero to a hundred m.p.h. seemingly overnight. As you scroll around the internet, there are daily updates to not just what artificial intelligence does, but all the unique ways AI models are being deployed in everything from the arts (eww) to solving complex scientific problems (cool!). 

Foxit PDF Editor already delivers lightening fast PDF creation, simplified editing, and cross-platform sharing. Essentially it solves all your PDF needs in one simple anywhere, any time solution. And with enhanced security protocols, you know every digital file is encrypted and safeguarded. 

Foxit PDF Editor Cloud’s Latest Update Introduces New AI Chat 1

Advanced AI chat functionality defines our latest update 

Our most recent Foxit Editor Cloud update brings the latest AI chat technology directly to user’s document workflows. 

These AI advancements within the Foxit PDF Editor Cloud are purpose-built to improve your experience by allowing you to maximize AI chat technology across your PDF editing and collaborating needs. 

A better user experience 

Creating the best user experience is paramount. To help ensure you take full advantage of these AI updates, the new AI guidance tool can walk you through how our AI assistant works and how it can best serve your needs and goals. After all, it’s not an advanced update if no one uses it. 

Deeper AI chat for stronger content and analytics 

By taking a user-first approach to building “Chat about document” and “Chat with AI” options within our AI chat, you’re able to achieve new levels of data refinement. Users can utilize the core generative power of Open AI to create even stronger document projects focused on achieving what is important to them. Real-time engagement with AI about your document specifics will improve writing quality, ensure clear messaging, and check alternative sources and citations for related content. Truly, ask, and it shall answer. It’s forefront technology optimized for our users. 

AI chat reads even more content types 

The AI chat reading capability was broadened to enhance functionality. Foxit PDF Cloud Editor can read PDFs with tables and charts, and you can also inquire for even deeper content analysis with our AI chat. Plus, read PDFs with attachments and scanned PDFs in a snap. There truly is no limit to how you can interact with all content types within your PDFs. 

Foxit PDF Editor Cloud’s Latest Update Introduces New AI Chat 2

Don’t settle, get the most from your PDF tools 

The Foxit PDF Editor Cloud, along with the mobile PDF editor app and award-winning desktop editor, are all included with Foxit PDF Editor Suite and Suite Pro. More than just easily viewing, editing, and collaborating on documents, our PDF Editor Cloud features the latest AI chat advancements to keep your workflows moving and your documents top-notch.  And it’s all one click away. 


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