Our Forrester study lets you evaluate the potential financial impact of Foxit PDF Editor

Our Forrester study lets you evaluate the potential financial impact of Foxit PDF Editor

For any technology investment, it’s critical to forecast the potential economic and productivity benefits.

That’s why Foxit Software is pleased to make the results of a study by Forrester on the economic impact of adopting Foxit PDF Editor.

For this study, we spoke with four organizations from different industries, including hospitality, government, and legal.

They all shared similar challenges that they were experiencing before making the investment in Foxit; their primary issue was the high licensing cost of their prior PDF editing tools.

After these customers invested in Foxit, they shared a number of key results, which included:

  • Reduction to prior tool licensing costs
  • Reduction in troubleshooting and ongoing management costs related to pdf editing as Foxit was easier to manage for it
  • Improvement of user productivity as customers are able to expand access to pdf editing, given Foxit’s lower cost
  • Enhanced security and cost savings as Foxit’s solution is more secure and easier to manage for security teams

Forrester investigated four main areas when determining what the total economic impact of a technology investment could be, including benefits such as cost savings, improvements to revenue, and improved productivity of employees.

Forrester also took into account costs, typically including things like licensing fees, and indirect costs incurred during implementation, such as the time it takes to manage a solution. They even included topics such as flexibility and risk, making the study a true examination of total economic impact and not merely ROI.

For the impressive results of this study, including the modeling tables that you can use to provide a framework for creating your own estimates of the benefits costs and the overall ROI that you might actually get from an investment, watch the prerecorded online webinar at your convenience or calculate you personalized ROI.

It features Nick Mayberry, Consultant at Forrester Research sharing his research findings on the potential savings, ROI, and benefits companies can achieve when switching to Foxit PDF Editor within their organization.

Also, featured guest speaker Tara Runyan, IT Director, Kazan Law shares their experience with modernizing their IT infrastructure to iManage and replacing Adobe Acrobat with PDF Editor during the time of pandemic helping with cost-saving, and time savings leading to greater productivity gains.

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