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Foxit has always sought to push the world of business toward the paperless office. This is a vision of efficiency, in which our clients are freed from the clutter and chaos of stacks of paper, while still benefiting from the information contained in their critical business documents. Let’s explore some ways in which automation can help make your life easier.

Streamlined Document Processing

If you work in legal, healthcare, or other similarly paper-heavy industries, you know that working with electronic documents is a big part of the job. Invoices, tax forms, mortgage documents, and more all need to be processed some way or another, which is extremely inconvenient if done manually. In financial services for example, speed is the name of the game. The bank that can approve a loan the fastest has a better chance of getting the business – with a streamlined workflow, the bank can respond to customer requests much more quickly and beat competitors to the punch.

That’s where automation comes in. With process automation, many of the tasks that may have taken hours (or even days) can be completed much more quickly by leveraging automation. Document conversion, compression, and OCR can all be done automatically, for high-volume inflows. Software such as PDF Compressor even has unattended service features, so users can run the program remotely, automating processes to an even greater degree.

Reduced Manual Error

When hundreds or thousands of documents are processed manually, it’s inevitable that a mistake or two will be made. We’re only human, after all. Automated processes, on the other hand, can largely improve data accuracy and prevent costing a company further harm caused by human error.

Other ways that automation can be applied that you may not have thought of include accessibility and the protection of personal information. Digital document accessibility is crucial to avoid litigation battles, as well as to be inclusive to users. Auto-tagging generates text layer data automatically, enabling screen readers and assistive software to better identify the content and order of a document. Securing customer PII data is also critical to maintaining business reputation and consumer trust. Redaction, encryption, and password protection are all excellent ways to secure PDF documents. By automating such processes, costly mistakes can be eliminated, reducing the risk of compliance issues.

Freed Up Time

Time is money. By delegating tasks to an automated program, you can free up time that was previously spent manually processing documents to tackle other initiatives. This is a great way to substantially increase productivity, all in one go. Why waste invaluable time on repetitive tasks that can be automated?

The onset of knowledge worker automation will allow organizations to utilize their valuable human capital more efficiently, as data entry and other processing tasks can easily be handled by automated solutions. We here at Foxit are excited to blaze the trail forward for the newfound efficiencies that can help our clients’ businesses succeed.

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