5 Essential PDF Documents Every Business Should Create

5 Essential PDF Documents Every Business Should Create

When it comes to running a successful business, having the right documents in place is essential. PDF documents can help streamline your workflow, keep your customers informed, and provide a legal record of critical decisions. In this blog post, we’ll go over five types of PDF documents that every business should create.

  • Terms & Conditions Document

This document outlines the terms and conditions that govern customer relationships with your company. It includes such important information as a description of products and services offered; payment terms; shipping and delivery policies; returns and refunds; warranties; customer service contact information; and more. Having a Terms & Conditions document in place helps protect both you and your customers from any potential miscommunication or misunderstanding down the line.

  • Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is one of the most important documents for any business, as it outlines rules and expectations for employees to follow while on the job. It should include details about company policies such as dress code; attendance policy; benefits package; vacation policy; safety regulations; compliance protocol; drug testing policy (if applicable); social media use guidelines (if applicable); and more. An employee handbook ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to expectations in the workplace. Additionally, you can use software like Foxit eSign to collect employee acceptance signatures quickly and easily.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

If you work with freelancers or contractors who have access to confidential information or proprietary data, then an NDA is a must-have document to ensure that none of this sensitive material gets shared outside of your company walls without permission. An NDA should include information regarding what types of information are considered confidential, how long these restrictions will stay in effect, what type of penalties may be imposed if there’s a breach of contract, etcetera. This way you can feel secure knowing that all sensitive data remains safe within your organization only. This type of PDF can be quickly generated, sent, and signed using Foxit PDF Editor Pro +.

  • Invoice Template 

An invoice template can help streamline billing processes for both you and your clients by providing an easy-to-understand overview of all goods/services provided along with corresponding payment due dates and amounts owed by clients. This document should clearly outline payment methods accepted by the company—including online payments—along with any late fees associated with past due balances so clients always know what’s expected from them when it comes time to pay their invoices on time each month.

  • Contract Template

A contract template serves as a written agreement between two parties outlining specific obligations expected from each party involved in order to complete a given project or task successfully—and legally binding each party to uphold those obligations laid out in said contract once signed off on by both parties involved in said agreement(s). Contracts can vary greatly depending on the project or situation at hand, and while PDFs and electronically signed contracts are accepted in most places in the world and in most situations, there are some inapplicable situations. So be sure to consult with an attorney, if necessary, before creating or signing any contracts if there’s any doubt regarding their legality or enforceability under state law(s).   

Having key PDF documents readily available for staff members—as well as customers—is an essential part of running any successful business operation today. From Terms & Conditions agreements to Employee Handbooks, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Invoice Templates, Contract Templates, and more…having these documents ready at all times will help ensure that everyone knows exactly what’s expected from them while also protecting you against any potential legal issues down the line if something were ever disputed or challenged in court later on down the road too! So get started creating these key PDF documents today so you can continue running a streamlined, growing, and successful business!

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