Why Digitally Signing PDF Documents is Absolute Necessary

electronic signature
electronic signature

Implementing PDF documents into your paperwork workflows is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your business. PDFs are more convenient, more secure, more compatible, more compliant, and longer lasting than traditional paper documents.

Electronic signature solutions like Foxit eSign provide an effective and legally binding method for individuals and businesses to complete PDF documents and contracts when needed. But what are the more specific benefits of digitally signing PDF documents as opposed to printing and obtaining wet ink signatures? Let’s take a look.

Increased Security

No matter the industry you are in, you want to ensure that the information on your documents is always kept confidential and secure. Whenever you distribute documents, forms, and contracts in paper format for wet ink signatures, you risk the chance of said document being misplaced, forged, viewed without permission, stolen, copied, or changed. When you retain your documents instead as PDFs and obtain electronic signatures, you have the capability to take more control over security. Features such as knowledge-based authentication (KBA) and two-factor authentication (2FA) can be used to restrict unauthorized access and viewership. Additionally, detailed audit histories allow you to always track any document movement and changes. Electronically signed PDFs with Foxit eSign are also locked from any further modification following signing and completion.

Go Green with Less Waste

Switching to signing your documents electronically allows for an immediate reduction in your environmental footprint. Not only are you reducing paper waste, but you are reducing mailing and printing supply usage, ultimately leading to more concerted and impactful eco-friendly changes.

Faster Payments

When PDF documents are signed digitally, individuals and businesses can often get paid faster. Instead of waiting days for signed contracts and sales agreements to be completed, solutions like Foxit PDF Editor Pro+ provide the ability to create PDFs and send for signing with just a few clicks and in minutes to complete transactions with ease.

Improved Collaboration

When collaboration is required from multiple parties, managers, or departments, the combined use of PDF documents and electronic signing enables you to keep things moving smoothly. Documents can quickly be emailed for signatures and approvals, and when changes are needed simply edit your digital document and resend.

Proven Validity

Document integrity is everything. With printed paperwork, proving when, where, and by whom a document was signed can be difficult. However, with innovative tools like qualified electronic signatures (QES) and IP addresses and time stamps on completion certificates, electronic signing provides more valid and authentic signatures than wet ink. This can be especially important in situations where documents must be upheld in court or used to complete various government transactions.

More Mobile

In today’s anywhere economy, which demands services be increasingly available anywhere and at any time, PDFs and electronic signatures are a perfect fit. Digitizing the signing process allows businesses to give their customers more freedom to complete paperwork on their schedules and at their convenience, thus creating greater customer satisfaction and a more seamless process all around.

No More File Cabinets

Say goodbye to bulky space-consuming file cabinets and hello to central document repositories. No more digging through mounds of paperwork looking for that one document and then worrying about how to share it quickly and securely. Now you can automate and streamline your document storage better than ever. Simply download your completed PDF document locally after signature or upload it to your preferred cloud storage solution and you are done!

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