Turn Outlook emails into PDFs

Foxit PhantomPDF lets you create PDF files from the entire Microsoft Office suite. And it automatically keeps bookmarks, links, hyperlinks, and outlines from your source files in those PDFs. Here’s how to do it for your Outlook email.

Use the Foxit Outlook Add-In

When you’re in Microsoft Outlook (2007/2010/2013/2016), Foxit PhantomPDF appears as a tab.

After clicking it, click the Selected Message button and choose Create New PDF. Or right click on any message and choose Convert to Foxit PDF.

Want to convert an entire folder of emails into PDFs? It’s pretty much the same process.

Select the folders you want and click Selected Folder. Or right click on a folder and chose Convert to Foxit PDF.

When to create a PDF Portfolio

To keep a collection of individual email messages together in a single PDF, make sure to check Output PDF Portfolio (see image above). If you leave this unchecked, you’ll get one long PDF file containing all your messages.

Why do this?

Archiving is the most obvious reason. The Foxit Outlook Add-In even lets you use the PDF/A-1b format, which is the ISO standard for long-term preservation of PDF documents.

It’s also useful for sharing email content when you don’t want to forward the message itself.

Plus, it just makes sense to use a PDF software application that works seamlessly with the world’s most popular email client.

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