Think Before You Print – Going Green With PDF Readers

According to the Sierra Club, the average worker in the United States goes through 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year. However that’s not the only startling statistics when it comes to the cost of printing:

  • 3 out of 4 office workers print from the Internet
  • 90% of people with a printer at home print Internet content
  • The average employee prints 6 wasted pages per day totaling 1,410 wasted pages every year
  • The average cost of a wasted page $0.06 equaling $84.60 every year in paper waste for each worker in the United States

Now consider the fact that one tree is able to make just a little over 8,000 sheets of paper. Which means each person working in an office is responsible for more than one tree being turned into paper every year.

PDFs as a Solution

As more people become comfortable with reading documents on their computer screens, tablets, and smartphones, documents created in the Portable Document Format become more attractive to organizations looking to practice sustainability.

What makes PDFs such an attractive solution for businesses is three-fold.

First, office workers can easily create PDF documents using or by printing content written in another word processing program as a PDF file.

Second, anyone with a computing device has access to PDF Reader software for free; this includes mobile devices.

Third, using PDFs in the workplace saves businesses money by reducing the cost of paper, toner, ink and electricity. All the while, your organization cuts back on its use of natural resources wasted during the process of creating paper as well as the waste that comes from discarded paper, toner cartridges and everything else that the paper industry consumes to make the millions of reams that we use every year.

PDF Readers Offer More

What’s more, not only does relying more heavily on PDF readers instead of printing pages of content enable your organization to become more ecologically sound, it gives the PDF software user even more capabilities than they have with paper, a pen, and a highlighter. Reviewing documents in a PDF reader gives viewers the ability to search content for key words and phrases, allows for a multiple page view and even have the PDF software read the text of the document aloud.

PDF reader software also provides the tools needed to annotate, comment and bookmark a document just as they would be able to do on a printed page.

Not all PDF reader software is created equally though. Using the right tool for the business world is just as important as its effect on promoting sustainability in the workplace. PDF software such as Foxit PDF Reader 7 provides office workers with the aforementioned features along with many others that make it the ideal tool for any type of workplace setting.

As more companies look to do their part for the environment, an obvious starting point is reducing the amount of paper used every year. That begins with moving from the printed page to PDF software.

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