The Product Release That Saves You Time

by Karyn Corrigan, Content Marketing Specialist


PDF is continually adapting in the ever-changing technology landscape. To stay ahead means to keep up with trends and to know what lies on the horizon. As a proactive community, professionals within the PDF industry constantly share their thoughts across the world at conferences to showcase how PDF technology can plug into other development tools easily to help customers improve their processes and reduce the need for manual data entry. Through Foxit’s many years serving customers we have helped large and small companies alike to save money and maximize the productivity of their resources to get on in business.

Our newest product release only adds to the value that PDF technology can provide to customers, while also preparing for the release of PDF 2.0 in early 2019. Let’s outline how the new release of our PDF SDK, 6.1, can help your business during your next project.

Supporting Modern Developers:  With support for Xamarin, Cordova, and React Native on Android and iOS, and Kotlin on Android, Foxit supports modern developers and the languages they chose to develop in. Support for these frameworks mean that developers need not learn new development languages like Swift, etc. They can develop in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, using the frameworks to translate or convert the code to the right platform. Furthermore Foxit can save you time as developing applications in Android and iOS can be done concurrently, not at different times.

Protecting Personal Information: Redaction is a great feature to use to securely hide personally identifiable information. Foxit has added a new demo that shows the true force that the feature has. Foxit PDF SDK’s redaction feature is fully customizable with the ability to add redactions both on the client-side and programmatically so that you can protect sensitive information quickly and effortlessly.

Making PDFs Perfect: PDFs are known for their robustness over time and that is what makes them excellent to share, archive and more. Embedding fonts is a great feature to utilize that will ensure your documents are correctly rendered even if the recipient doesn’t have the font used on their computer. Our PDF SDK allows users to add, edit and delete embedded fonts within PDFs to make rendering perfect every time. Embedded fonts ensure that documents render and print correctly now and in the future.

Automating Workflows Properly: Associated files are a great way to attach necessary documents to a PDF for reference. ZUGFeRDs XML files are a great example of this. Not only can you export files but you can send the likes of XML files to APIs which can automate workflows. With Foxit PDF SDK 6.1 you can add, edit and delete associated files within PDF documents, with the ability to attach many types of files including XML, PDF, PPT, CSV, and .doc.

Want to learn more about Foxit PDF SDK? Visit the PDF SDK product page today and find out the true extent of what the product can offer you.

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