The Importance of PDF Usage in Legal Tech


Legal Tech, short for legal technology, refers to the joint operation of software and technology to aid law firms in accounting, billing, document storage, practice management, and e-discovery. It is often used to provide access to a platform where people can find tools to help them reduce the need to consult a lawyer or connect users online. So how exactly does Foxit PDF software play a role in Legal Tech?

Provides Security

Document security is incredibly important when it comes to sharing and exchanging information over online platforms. By saving documents as a PDF file, they are eligible for inputting a user-password security that is accessible by both the sender and receiver. Through this way, both parties do not need to worry about having their documents compromised.

Ability to share across various platforms

Foxit PDF Editor’s integrations with multiple Cloud Storage Services, Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMs), and Document Management Systems (DMS) allows users to create, open, save, etc. PDF files using their centralized on-premises or cloud systems effortlessly for enhanced workflow productivity. iManage and NetDocument are some of the many integrations popular amongst legal companies that PhantomPDF covers.

Foxit PhantomPDF allows users to open and check out PDFs directly from the following:

  • Sharepoint
  • OneDrive
  • iManage Work
  • NetDocuments
  • Enterprise Connect
  • Egnyte
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Worldox
  • Documentum
  • eDOCS DM

Easier and Efficient way to navigate

Most legal documents are likely to take up multiple pages with several categories or subsections. With PDF software, documents are converted into a readable text format, making it easier for readers to search for information more quickly for e-discovery.

Substantial compression of large files

Many legal documents take up large amounts of space in online filing systems. Rather than increasing the system’s storage capacity, it’s easier to reduce and compress the size of the file itself into a PDF document. Your document will not only be significantly smaller but also retain its original quality.

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