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The most important considerations for choosing PDF software

For more than two decades, PDF has been the go-to tool for ensuring everyone can view documents, no matter which platform they’re on and it’s become even more critical in the BYOD, multi-device, cloud-storage world we live and work in. ...

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Key ways Foxit helps IT be more productive

It’s not news that most IT teams are constantly inundated with new and ongoing initiatives. According to studies here are some of IT department’s main headaches: Security. Insecure password formats, such as “password123,” are a constant source of trouble ...

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Key Ways that Foxit can help IT be more productive

Your IT team has a lot on its plate. Research shows that IT is focused on a wide variety of tasks, including: Security Initiatives. Your IT team is continually guarding against coworkers who use insecure password formats, such as ...

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