Recent PDF Innovations Offer Unique and Exciting Opportunities

Recent PDF Innovations Offer Unique and Exciting Opportunities

I’m continually amazed by the way digital engagement is changing the way we operate. Organizations are under pressure to streamline processes and improve how they connect to their customers – and this is taking place in an environment with stringent regulations around managing data.

It’s a tough environment, especially as more documents are being created and shared than ever before. A recent study by the BPI Network, a San Jose-based market research agency, found that 83 percent of respondents agree accelerated connectivity will require them to produce, share and manage more documents in the coming years.

Organizations may store their documents on secure enterprise collaboration systems, but what if an employee downloads one? And what happens if that employee leaves your organization?

PDF Is An Agent of Change

At Foxit Software, we believe that organizations need to move on from legacy systems and adopt intelligent document solutions – and that PDF is a key way for this transition from paper to digital to be accomplished.

PDF solutions enable organizations to transform into a streamlined, mobile, anywhere and anytime industry. Tools like ours allow customers to submit forms, signatures, inquiries, etc. through the web and mobile apps.

We are driving innovations that will enable organizations to have full control of over documents in order to revoke access, monitor where documents travel and control how many versions are created.

Our innovative PDF tools enable a wide range of capabilities, including document usage tracking, file update notifications, shared and synchronized reviews, remote file protection, data collection and more.

Into The Cloud

Our solutions leverage all the benefits of the cloud. We hope to continue leading the trend of putting more PDF functionality and tools available in the cloud.

All of the functionality associated with a PDF Editor is available in the cloud. Soon, the ability to create customized PDF-based applications will be added to the cloud, enabling developers to create unique experiences for users. We will also see the ability to scan, compress and archive documents at scale become available through the cloud.

Businesses can view the transition to digital as an opportunity, not a hurdle. By embracing our PDF innovations, businesses can improve their interaction with customers while streamlining internal processes. Organizations hoping to thrive, not just survive, need to move on from legacy systems and start adopting new intelligent document solutions.
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