PhantomPDF 9.7 is the industry’s first Robotic Process Automation-ready PDF editor


We recently announced the release of PhantomPDF 9.7. What’s especially significant about this release, in addition to the major enhancements it includes, is that we’ve partnered with UiPath as the industry’s first Robotic Process Automation (RPA) ready PDF Editor. That means that PhantomPDF now enables high-volume, repeatable tasks to be automated, eliminating tedious tasks and freeing staff to focus on higher value work.

For UiPath, a company that makes robots so people don’t have to be robots, PhantomPDF’s RPA certification fits squarely in their mission, allowing them to extract text, formatting, and other functions directly from documents. This is especially useful in RPA workflows that involve reading and cross-referencing information from many similar documents. Prior to 9.7, UiPath users would have to use its built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to search for text or read the entire text of the PDF document itself for any extraction.

We’ll be publishing multiple activities into the UiPath marketplace to allow UiPath developers to easily incorporate functions performed in PhantomPDF into their RPA workflows. Some sample activities include:

  • Batch convert many files from PDF to another format
  • Batch import form data
  • Apply password protection
  • Search and replace text
  • Batch add/remove web links
  • Intelligent redaction

The scripts can be found on the UiPath Marketplace.

Besides RPA certification, PhantomPDF 9.7 offers additional enhancements, such as improved user experience, deeper integration with ECMs, and more efficient redaction. Highlights include:

  • Tool Wizard to assist with the most frequently used features and help users quickly get started with Foxit PhantomPDF
  • Integrated Live Chat enabling users to get help from Foxit Customer Support
  • Choose files from ShareFile, DMSforLegal, Dropbox, Box, and eDOCS DM when creating, comparing, combining, organizing PDFs. This capability was previously supported for SharePoint, iManage, Google Drive, OneDrive, and NetDocuments.
  • Industry’s best conversion from HTML to PDF
  • Allows for creation of PDFs from Microsoft Project
  • Ability to export PDF files to XPS files.
  • Enhanced document search
  • Search and redact multiple words or phrases at the same time to streamline workflows
  • Added PDF/UA and PDF/VT standard compliance validators and PDF document analysis for PDF version compliance

Want to know more about PhantomPDF 9.7? Here’s where to get details.

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