PDF Software Solutions for SMBs

Small to medium sized businesses often find that a large percentage of the goods and services they purchase comes from printing services. If you’re an SMB, one thing that will help you save money on this section of your budget is putting PDF software to work in your organization.

You’ll find these savings come from needing to purchase fewer supplies like paper and ink/toner or by shipping electronic documents rather than thick manuals with your products.

The return on investment that comes from PDF software, however, isn’t only measured by how much money you save. Small to medium sized businesses like yours also find that using PDF software in the office helps foster more productive and collaborative employees.

Productivity increases and streamlined processes

Like any other type of software application, PDF software is a tool that helps workers get their jobs done efficiently and effectively.  Choosing the right package gives your employees a full set of features to:

  • Organize documents
  • Quickly search for content
  • Create PDF documents
  • Convert other document file types into PDF files
  • Scan text to create document files
  • Edit text from scanned documents

Additionally, SMBs find that using PDF files in lieu of printed forms helps streamline internal operations. For example, an employee who needs to fill out a form, such as for time off, can simply access the appropriate form on the web, fill the form out on their Computers and forward it to their supervisor. Using PDF software, the employee and supervisor can also digitally sign the very form used in this process. Instead of having to photocopy the form for recordkeeping in a file folder, both parties can digitally save the document for future use. And, if you need to retrieve it, searching on your server is easy as good PDF software enables you to tag and search all your PDF files.

Collaboration amongst coworkers

The 2011 SMB Collaboration and Communication Study made a point of expressing the fact that, “Collaboration and communications are the only business activities that every employee in every company engages in every day.” For smaller companies, traditional tools aren’t always considered essential to the collaborative process. It’s time that this way of thinking changes.

Using PDF Editors to create documents provides teams with not only the essential tools to work together, but also a variety of additional features that help enhance the collaborative experience.

Successful collaboration on a document starts with the ability to review each another’s work during the editing process. PDF software provides users with the ability to edit content, but it also allows them to make changes to page layouts and graphics. Using time stamps to document these changes helps to identify workflows and contributions among team members. Commenting features also provide teams with the ability to make notes and suggestions for further improvements on the document. Taking collaboration a step further, PDF software like Foxit PDF Editor provide a Shared Review capability to integrate both desktop and mobile users.  In addition, it integrates with different collaboration suites such as SharePoint and Evernote to make the most current versions of shared files more accessible to every member on the team.

Using PDF software in your small business environment isn’t a costly option. At a price point similar to those of most enterprise level word processing applications, you can give employees who create documents as a part of their daily job duties access to a full set of features that are found in PDF applications without losing the essential aspects of a word processor.

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