Panasonic chose Foxit PDF Compressor for all its scanners. Here’s why.


Back in January, we announced that Panasonic’s Document Management and Imaging division selected Foxit PDF Compressor for all its scanner models, from desktop to production level, being shipped in the United States.

Today, we’re revisiting what the Foxit and Panasonic relationship means to you—particularly if your business has a Panasonic scanner purchase on its radar.

What you get when you use a Panasonic scanner with Foxit PDF Compressor

Now that Panasonic is integrating Foxit PDF Compressor into its scanners (branded as PremierOCR), users get a range of benefits, including:

  • Ability to easily standardize scanned documents on PDF or PDF/A (which is designed for archiving)
  • Improved ability to create document backups
  • Use of highly accurate OCR, which makes converting paper to PDF more accurate and makes it easier and more efficient to find files
  • Scalable solution designed for processing data volumes of any size
  • High performance to quickly process large numbers of documents

And, of course, as the name suggests, probably the most important reason is that PDF Compressor not only converts documents to PDF but compresses them into smaller PDF files, giving you more efficient document storage.

Since storage is so cheap, should you worry about compressing files?

The answer is a resounding yes, for three reasons:

  • Documents are obese, due to high resolution images, fonts, and complex diagrams. They can easily be hundreds of megabytes.
  • File transfer speeds are never as fast as we want them to be.
  • Better to access those files via the cloud—and better to compress them for easy uploading and downloading.

That’s where compression comes in.

What is PDF compression and why use it?

There are many ways to optimize a document using your PDF software, however, compression allows you to reduce the file size to a fraction of the original without affecting document quality. This reduces the amount of storage space you need, lowers costs, and makes file transfer via FTP, email, Box, Dropbox, etc. easier.

Using PDF/A enables you to archive smaller PDF files for the long run

An ISO-standardized version of PDF, PDF/A ensures that documents you archive will keep their appearance and readability over time. You get more predictable, consistent results from PDF/A, which is useful if you’re expecting those documents to be accessed far into the future. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice when using Panasonic scanners to digitize documents.

Who uses PDF compression?

  • Manufacturing companies that create large document file sizes with illustrations and schematics.
  • Government and legal industries that need to search many documents and may continue to need to do so far into the future.
  • Utilities companies that store massive amounts of customer information along with plant diagrams and blueprints.
  • Anyone frustrated with file transfer times. 

By building the industrial-grade compression of PDF Compressor into their scanners, Panasonic is now enabling users of those scanners to create high-quality, highly compressed PDF documents.

So, if your organization could benefit from high-quality PDF compression, using a new Panasonic scanner with PDF Compressor built in can help.

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