Optimizing large repositories of documents the way the FDA did

by Dan Raiani, Director of Marketing


At Foxit, we’ve worked with organizations of all sizes, including governmental agencies and companies whose saved documents number in the thousands, even hundreds of thousands. Not surprisingly, many of those organizations house documents in varying formats and file types which aren’t optimized for access, use, or even searchable.

It was for reasons like these that the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) turned to Foxit when they sought a document storage solution. Here’s an overview of their story.

Business Challenge

The USFDA needed a solution to help manage the large volume of documents in its repository. Their documents existed in many formats, which forced the agency to support multiple viewers to access all the different file types. In addition, the ability to search on documents in the repository was extremely limited since the documents were images with no searchable text, making it difficult and time consuming to locate and retrieve specific documents.


The inability to search the full text of all documents led the FDA to choose Foxit’s PDF Compressor solution. With PDF Compressor, the federal government agency could identify images in the repository, convert them to compressed, web-optimized, and fully-text searchable PDFs, and have the entire content of all documents fully indexed in its repository. This enabled agency staff to quickly search for information, access documents faster, and reduce the number of viewers needed to support their library of content.


With Foxit’s PDF Compressor, the federal government agency could organize and interact with their repository more efficiently. Indexed, text-searchable documents enabled FDA employees to search all the content within the organization’s repository, enabling faster access to the information those documents contain.

In addition, by converting all documents to the PDF format, PDF Compressor eliminated the need to support multiple viewers, making it even easier for users to work with their repository.

Lastly, by compressing and optimizing all the images in its repository, the government agency could view, download, transmit and interact with documents more quickly both in the office and on mobile devices for maximum accessibility.

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