Misconceptions about PDF Software

Nothing is more outdated in the workplace than paper copies of everything. Most offices made the move to digital document management years ago, and PDF software is the solution many of them turned to. Yet even though PDF software is a proven and reliable application for digital document creation, there are still some misconceptions about this type of software.

There are free alternatives that are available

While there are free options that allow you to print to the PDF format, and most word processing applications have this built into them, they’re not a substitution for PDF software.

The free alternatives will create a PDF document where the text cannot be changed by most users, but that’s where the similarity ends.

PDF software applications allow you to:

  • Create documents that readers can digitally sign
  • Change the document’s layout
  • Create forms that readers can fill out
  • Create documents through collaboration
  • Edit the text, images, and layout of the document

These are only a few of the many features that PDF software provides over a tool that merely prints to a .pdf format.

PDF software is too expensive

When compared to the price tags that come along with enterprise grade word processing and desktop publishing software packages, the price tag on the PDF application is often lower by comparison. Even when purchased individually, the price of a PDF software solution might still beat those of the more common word processors.

While it might not boast all of the features, PDF software handles the core jobs of both the word processor and the desktop publishing suite. That means only one application to purchase, manage and train users on.

It’s better to create a document and then convert it to PDF

There was a time when very few people in an organization had access to PDF software so documents were often created and then converted by that individual.

Over time, PDF software has become less expensive, easier to use, and more feature rich making it more accessible in the workplace. Using PDF software as the primary tool to create documents and forms has never been easier. Even the most novice user will find that it’s simple to insert images and video into their document, edit the layout and even customize the page. With so many tools at the author’s disposal using PDF software from the very beginning makes much more sense.

The benefits that come along with PDF software are easy to see, however, this does not make it a panacea for document creation, collaboration and management; nothing is the perfect tool for everything. However, any organization would be wise to closely examine how such a powerful tool will make things easier for its employees.

Why not take the time to evaluate an enterprise capable application like Foxit PDF Editor to see what kind of impact it can have on how your office gets things done?

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