Is File Compression Only About Saving on Storage Costs?


No, and here’s why. File compression is indeed very helpful for saving on storage costs – sometimes over 50%! However, there are far more valuable benefits to utilizing this vital software as well, some of which might even surprise you.

Email with Ease

‘File size exceeds allowable limit’ – a message that could make even a priest cuss. We’ve all felt the frustration of trying to send large attachments, getting doc-blocked by your email service provider, and being completely set back by having to find a way to reduce the file before you can send it off and address the hundred other things on your to-do list. Now imagine having this problem hundreds of times per day, such as when sending out statements, invoices, or claims!

Emails not going through or being too large to send poses a real problem, especially when dealing with time-sensitive or crucial documents. Size matters – don’t let anyone tell you different. For example, black & white image documents can be compressed to 10% of their original file size, and color documents to as little as 1%. Compressing documents to such a small percentage of their original size makes it much easier to stay under email file size limits, and avoid getting stuck at the gate.

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Not only are smaller, compressed files easier to upload, but they’re easier to download too. Pulling files from the network that take too long to download results in thousands of lost hours and growing frustration. In contrast, compressed documents can be downloaded in half the time. Think about what you could do with all that extra time! Have a snack, take a quick peek at your phone (we’ve all done it), finally organize your inbox like you’ve kept telling yourself you would for weeks…the possibilities are endless.

Not only that, but compressed files facilitate a better client experience. When you’re able to access documents faster, you will also be able to respond to customer requests that much faster. You’ve heard of “happy wife, happy life”? Get ready for: happy patron, happy corporation.

Sharing is Caring

Compressed files have much greater shareability than their bloated counterparts. Transmission of files post-compression is undoubtedly quicker, and without any loss of data either. This makes it much easier for employees and clients alike to access documents from a desktop or a mobile device, so that the relevant parties are always able to access the information they need.

For example, legal firms have to upload documents to portals such as eDiscovery on the regular. If uncompressed, these thousand-page-long documents can take an impracticably long time to access. Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP for instance, found that both their attorneys and clients were having difficulty retrieving case-relevant documents. After implementing lossless compression software, they were able to resolve these issues, so that documents can be accessed and downloaded offsite both quickly and easily.

Saving on storage costs is certainly a great benefit of compressing your documents, but some of the other less talked-about advantages may be even more valuable. Smaller files are easily accessible via email; take less time to upload, download, and transmit; and enable employees to communicate rapidly. This creates an efficient environment for businesses in any industry where decisions and processes depend on the information contained in their documents.

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