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Simpler selections. More features. A better experience.

Every day, as millions of go-getters worldwide power on their laptops, phones, or other smart devices, our bright orange logo lights up their screens, allowing them to quickly and easily convert, create, edit, share, and sign the day’s most important documents. From collaborating on a team presentation to landing that next big contract minutes before midnight, Foxit has been there with you – a silent partner, if you will – for those impactful moments for over 20 years. It’s an honor, a privilege, and what motivates us to always innovate, always improve.

Which brings us to today.

New packaging. Better experience. More features than ever.

You may have noticed some changes if you’ve visited our website today. Those changes are called Foxit PDF Editor, Foxit PDF Editor+, eSign Essentials, and eSign Business.

We’ve listened to your concerns and heard your needs, and over the past year, we’ve been working hard to bundle the Foxit software solutions you know and trust to deliver the PDF experience built to propel you and your business forward at lightning speed.

Our developers have taken the PDF and eSign software you use daily, enhanced them to deliver a bigger punch of usability, and topped everything off with a heaping helping of feature-rich and AI magic to enhance any document workflow. You can expect a more frictionless purchase and update experience, better-focused attributes, and more feature-rich plans for when you need more. To sum everything up, not only have we made it easier and more convenient to switch to Foxit but we’re also giving users all the document management features they need to be more efficient with less effort.

So, what do these new options look like? Let’s take a look.

Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor is a powerful tool for creating, editing, and converting PDF documents. It offers a comprehensive and streamlined suite of features that enable users to easily handle PDF files, including advanced editing capabilities, OCR integration for scanning and organizing documents, and tools for creating and auto-filling forms. With Foxit PDF Editor, users can enhance productivity and ensure their document workflows are seamless and efficient, whether working on desktop or cloud platforms. It now includes an AI Assistant, which automates repetitive tasks and offers intuitive suggestions to streamline workflows. Plus, cloud storage has also been updated, providing users with 20 GB of storage for easier document management.

Foxit PDF Editor+

Foxit PDF Editor+ builds on the enhancements of the standard PDF Editor with additional features and increased capacity. It includes all the functionalities of the standard editor but offers expanded cloud storage of 150 GB, catering to users with more extensive document management needs. This solution also integrates seamlessly with Foxit eSign Business, providing a robust suite for both PDF editing and electronic signatures. Additionally, Editor+ now includes 150 envelopes annually for eSignatures, ensuring users can handle a higher volume of signed documents without additional costs. The suite is designed to offer a more comprehensive and workflow-friendly solution for SMBs and large enterprises, enhancing productivity and document management capabilities.

eSign Essentials

Our new eSign Essentials solution offers an updated experience to serve users with moderate eSigning needs better. It now includes an allocation of 250 envelopes annually, allowing users to manage their eSignatures effectively within this limit. The integration and user interface are streamlined to ensure a more user-friendly experience. Notably, eSign Essentials users cannot add more licenses or envelopes; however, they now have the option to transition to higher-tier plans if their needs exceed the provided quota. This option is designed to meet the essential eSigning requirements of small to medium-sized businesses, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution to sign and complete important documents.

eSign Business

eSign Business has been significantly enhanced to offer more comprehensive eSigning capabilities. It now includes unlimited envelopes on an annual basis, removing any limitations on the number of documents that can be signed. This solution also improves User Access Management and Security features, better aligning this option with the needs of enterprise customers. Existing eSign Pro and eSign Enterprise customers are encouraged to transition to eSign Business upon renewal, as this new option offers better functionality and flexibility.

Foxit Admin Console

The Admin Console (AC) in Foxit PDF Editor and Foxit PDF Editor+ solutions has received several updates to enhance usability and management capabilities. Existing customers with AC can now manage new product additions and additional licenses directly within their existing AC environment.

Managing licenses and user permissions is made easy with Foxit’s Admin Console, which offers:

  • Centralized License Management: Simplifying the administration of Foxit PDF Editor and eSign licenses.
  • Integration with SSO and Active Directory: Enhancing security by securely accessing user information.
  • Automated Upgrades: Ensuring your software is always up to date with minimal manual intervention.

For users purchasing through the online store, the option to add AC to their plan at checkout has been streamlined, allowing easier license management. This update also ensures compatibility with all supported operating systems and maintains the same deployment methods as previous versions.

How do these changes benefit you?

These benefits collectively enhance the value of Foxit PDF Editor and eSign, making these solutions compelling choices for businesses and individuals looking to improve their PDF management and document workflow processes.

1. Enhanced Usability and Productivity:

  • The new updates offer streamlined and award-winning user interfaces, making it easier for users to create, edit, convert, and sign PDFs quickly and accurately. These enhancements ensure users can work more efficiently on any device, boosting overall productivity.

2. Simplified License Management:

  • The optional Admin Console allows for straightforward license management. Administrators can easily assign, deactivate, and manage all their licenses and monitor employee usage. AC reduces administrative overhead and simplifies the process of scaling licenses according to business needs.

3. Seamless Integration and Compatibility:

  • The updated options are designed to be compatible with all supported operating systems, including Windows and Mac, ensuring users can transition smoothly without compatibility issues. This broad compatibility ensures that organizations with diverse IT environments can adopt without Foxit disruption and easily ensure integration with the most important apps to the organization.

4. Flexible Pricing and Options:

  • With the introduction of new packaging, flexible pricing options, and the inclusion of the Admin Console as an optional add-on, customers can tailor their purchases according to their specific needs. Whether opting for the online store’s self-service options or seeking customized quotes through the sales team, customers have the flexibility to choose the best plan for their requirements.

6. Integrated eSign Capabilities:

  • The new PDF Editor+ incorporates enhanced eSign functionalities. This integration eliminates the need for separate eSign solutions, providing a unified platform for PDF editing and electronic signatures.

7. Streamlined Customer Experience:

  • Automatic updates and seamless transitions within the Admin Console, combined with proactive customer communication and support, ensure that the customer experience is smooth and hassle-free. This focus on user experience helps minimize downtime and maximize efficiency during updates.

Foxit makes switching easy

For organizations considering a switch to Foxit, the implementation and migration process is designed to be seamless and efficient:

  • Trialing and Proof of Concept: Our comprehensive free trials enable organizations to evaluate Foxit solutions in their environment before committing.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: Foxit caters to diverse IT environments with cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployment options.
  • Comprehensive Onboarding: Dedicated customer success programs ensure successful adoption and integration into existing workflows.

The future of PDF is Foxit

Foxit’s latest offerings meet today’s businesses’ evolving needs and exceed expectations with innovative features, robust security measures, and dedicated customer support. Whether you want to enhance productivity, improve document security, or streamline workflows, Foxit provides the tools and expertise to help you succeed.

Visit our store or contact our sales team today to learn more about how Foxit can transform your document management practices.

Embrace a smarter way to work with PDF documents—let’s Foxit.

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Q: How do you add Admin Console to your plan when purchasing through the website?

A: Users purchasing through our online store can add Admin Console to their plan from which they can easily assign, deactivate, and manage all their licenses and monitor usage. To add an Admin Console to your plan, check “Yes” at checkout, where it asks, “Do you need to manage licenses?”.

Q: Has the update been thoroughly tested for security vulnerabilities?

A: Foxit’s policy is to thoroughly test any software for security vulnerabilities before they are made public. Full testing is always completed before any release.

Q: How will the upgrade affect current (Suite) users?

A: Upgrading or switching to these new options is not mandatory.

If you have selected auto-renewal, you will be grandfathered in with your current plan/selection. If you did not select auto-renewal, you must select a new option upon current plan expiration.

Q: What was the purpose of this new launch?

A: With this launch, we are simplifying our offerings by consolidating the total number of options to reduce customer buying friction. With this, we are introducing a PDF Editor-only solution, a more feature-rich PDF Editor+ plan that includes additional benefits like eSign and mobile applications, a more full and streamlined eSign Essentials plan, and a more comprehensive and powerful eSign Business option.

Q: Will a quota exist for PDF Editor+’s smart redact feature?

A: As a feature, Smart Redact includes 50 documents per user and is co-termed with the PDF Editor+ subscription. After the initial 50 documents are used, you will have the following options:

• Standard: 200 documents per year

• Pro: 1,000 documents per year

• Enterprise: 2,400 documents/year

Q: Which cloud integrations are included?


▪ Editor/Editor+ [without AC]: Integration support: Google Drive, Office 365, Google Extension, Edge Extension

▪ Editor/Editor+ [with AC]: Integration support: Microsoft Teams App, Sharepoint & OneDrive, Google Drive, Office 365, Google Extension, Edge Extension

Q: Will Foxit still offer monthly pricing?

A: Our subscription options are offered on an annual basis. However, after the initial 12-month purchase, you can add licenses and co-term with their current subscription. Therefore, there is monthly pricing available.

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