Introducing PDF Compressor Version 8 – The Industry’s Best OCR and PDF Conversion Automation Software

Introducing PDF Compressor Version 8 – The Industry’s Best OCR and PDF Conversion Automation Software

It’s no surprise that organizations use PDF Compressor for efficiency. After all, PDF Compressor’s main strength is letting your team process all data — scanned documents, Office files, emails, and more—into a single file output, namely, industry-standard PDF. That lets you store documents efficiently and search them easily.

Now, version 8 of PDF Compressor brings together the best from Foxit’s core PDF technology, the Foxit PDF Compressor (part of the LuraTech acquisition) and the Foxit PdfCompressor (part of the CVISION acquisition). This gives you unparalleled ability to process scanned hardcopy documents and enables you to implement paperless document processing, storage, and long-term archival.

Here’s what you get in the new version of PDF Compressor

Regardless of which PDF compressor software you were using before, you’ll enjoy:

  • Better performance – Basic PDF handling and PDF operations is now done using Foxit’s core technology, which is highly optimized code for blazing performance increases.
  • PDF Conversion of non-scanned documents – The “Born Digital” conversion feature is now an integral part of PDF Compressor, allowing you to convert office files, emails and more to PDF or PDF/A in an automated fashion.

If you’re a PdfCompressor customer, you’ll experience these new enhancements:

  • Additional PDF/A support – PdfCompressor only supported PDF/A-1a and PDF/A-1b. Now, Foxit PDF Compressor V8 supports PDF/A-1a and -1b, PDF/A-2a, -2b and 2u, PDF/A-3a, -3b and 3u.
  • Auto-Tagging – Now you can create tagged PDFs from scanned pages, which lets you make documents accessible, allowing people with disabilities who use assistive technology to access all the information in your PDFs in logical, thorough ways.
  • Enhanced User Interface – Now you can configure jobs in parallel and start them independently from each other, making them faster and more efficient.
  • Unattended Service – Runs as a Windows Service so it doesn’t require users to be logged in. Also supports the Windows Event Log.

If you’re a PDF Compressor customer, these enhancements are now part of your experience:

  • OCR improvements – Enjoy more accurate OCR with added image preprocessing functions like cropping, despeckling, smoothing, changing color spaces, etc.
  • Efficient OCR Handling for Pre-Existing Text – Text layers in hybrid and digital documents are detected and preserved, greatly improving processing speed and minimizing recognition errors
  • Zonal OCR – Now you can specify a data field or “zone” of text to be OCR’ed instead of the whole document, enabling you to save time and capture data more precisely. It’s especially useful for documents like forms or construction plans where you may only need to capture a small amount of text.
  • Improved MCR compression – This smart feature detects images, enabling MRC to be applied efficiently and correctly on more images than before.
  • Enhanced job creation – Create jobs more easily and work more efficiently with the new job wizard.
  • Supported FTP input and output – Now supports FTP folders as input and output folders.
  • Improved header and footer feature – You’ll enjoy more configurable headers and footers feature, such as the ability to utilize bates stamping.

Get all the details on Foxit PDF Compressor right here.

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  1. George VolentirGeorge Volentir

    We are currently running CVision PDF Compressor v. 6.6.2101 and would like to upgrade.

    I am with the Federal Government (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service).


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