If you need streamlined, searchable, digital documents, take a look at what Hargraves McConnell & Costigan achieved


If your organization handles a large volume of paper documents, going digital is only part of the story. You’ll want a solution that compresses large digital document files into manageable size for sharing and storing. You’ll also want reliable OCR to turn paper into searchable digital files without adding extra workload to your already busy staff. For all these reasons and more, law firm Hargraves McConnell & Costigan turned to Foxit PDF Compressor. Here’s why.

Foxit accelerates document efficiency with high-speed, full-text OCR for New York City based law firm, Hargraves McConnell & Costigan

Hargraves McConnell & Costigan manages a high volume of paper-based documents on a daily basis. Their scanned documents are often large, preventing effective access and transmission. Additionally, the documents are not searchable, necessitating long and costly processing. Locating text within multi-page image files was a time consuming and inefficient task.

Although the firm had previously implemented their own OCR engine to remedy the issue, they found that the engine would crash when processing larger files. It took 8 hours to process a batch of files and required employees to wait all day for the job to finish. This prompted the firm to look for an OCR solution that could quickly and reliably handle large volumes of documents.


Hargraves McConnell & Costigan licensed Foxit’s PDF Compressor with OCR to process up to 75,000 scanned pages per month. The software combines advanced file compression with full-text OCR to produce compact and searchable files that can be instantly searched through.


Using Foxit’s PDF Compressor with OCR, Hargraves McConnell & Costigan was able to greatly improve their workflow by converting their scanned documents into searchable, compressed files. The advanced file compression achieved high compression rates, improving the accessibility and transmission rate of even the largest files. With Foxit’s OCR, the time it took to convert large batches of files into searchable files was reduced from eight hours to an hour. The image files were produced at a quicker rate and were more efficient for the law firm to store, access, transmit, and share.

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