If you need process automation with PDF at the center, take a look at what The Simons Law Firm achieved


If you’re a law firm looking to automate business processes while still offering clients personalized legal representation, you’re not alone. In fact, that’s the situation The Simons Law Firm was facing when they began the search for a PDF software solution that could do so. Here’s why they came to Foxit Software.

The Simons Law Firm seeks PDF solution to automate business processes

The Simons Firm, LLP, provides sophisticated legal representation for local and national clients throughout New Mexico. The firm is structured to provide clients with effective and responsive legal representation while minimizing costs. Their practice areas include litigation and appeals, real estate and property law, business and commercial law, natural resources & energy, employment advice and defense (for employers).


The Simons Law Firm was searching for a PDF solution that automated their business processes to be more organized and cost effective. As an attorney firm, working with PDF isn’t a convenience, it is a necessity.

Legal firms deal with a great variety of legal documents from cases to searchable forms that are thousands of pages long. It was critical for the Simons Law Firm to find an efficient content management PDF solution for scanning, converting, combining, commenting (annotating), and protecting their legal PDF documents. It is also a requirement that the solution includes a redaction feature to protect part of the information from documents.

In addition, the PDF solution needed to be easily deployed across all the different departments in the company – it was expected to be used by paralegals, secretaries, attorneys, and office administrators at the firm.

Foxit Solution

The Simons Law Firm started testing and reviewing a variety of PDF Editors, but none of them meet their needs and expectations as well as Foxit PhantomPDF. ”Foxit PhantomPDF was cost-effective but more important, it met or exceeded all of our needs” says Samantha Garcia, Paralegal at The Simons Firm.

Foxit PhantomPDF was extremely easy to deploy and exhibited high performance across the different departments at Simons Law Firm. Currently, the staff at this law firm can easily scan, convert, organize, protect, annotate, and edit their PDF documents. Before using Foxit PhantomPDF, the firm could not easily transform scanned documents into editable or searchable PDF files. Features such as reaction and annotation enhance the time process to review, approve, and share legal documents internally and externally.

“Foxit PhantomPDF has been extremely helpful for us; it can convert thousands of pages into PDF and put stamps and bates numbers in each page of the entire document in less than 10 minutes. The alternative would be to manually stick stamps to each page, which would take too long. Foxit has definitely improved the communication and processes across our departments” says Samantha Garcia, Paralegal at The Simons Firm.


Foxit PhantomPDF has become a multi-tasking and effective solution to improve the Simons Law Firm’s workflow processes. It enables them to:

• Efficiently implementation of a content management PDF solution; scanning, creating, modifying, organizing, and protecting PDF documents. • Secure protection and exchange of confidential information. • Automation of business processes to be more efficient and cost effective. • Rich set of annotation and edit features.

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