If better workflows are a priority, find out how The Equitable Bank cashed in on PhantomPDF Business


Banks are more competitive than ever, so better workflows are critical. If that’s true for your organization, consider what The Equitable Bank achieved when turning to Foxit PDF Editor Pro as their PDF Editor solution.

In his more than two decades with The Equitable Bank, Mike Block, Vice President, Information Security Officer and Information Technology Officer, has seen technology transform the industry. But one thing that hasn’t changed—the amount of paperwork the bank generates.

While most of it may be online now, bank employees still need to share documents with each other—and with bank regulators and auditors.

Prior to using Foxit PDF Editor Pro, Block was annotating PDF documents within Acrobat Reader. He was frustrated with the software’s comment function, which he used to note that he had reviewed a document, and felt it was a clunky way to keep track of information needed for bank auditors. He decided to look for a new solution.

Robust capabilities are a pleasant surprise

After reading about PhantomPDF Business online, Block realized the PDF Editor not only offered the functionality he needed, it included features he didn’t know were available. He quickly signed up for a trial and was impressed with Foxit from the get-go, particularly with how intuitive and easy to use the solution is.

“With Foxit PDF Editor Pro, it was amazing,” says Block. “I never needed to call the help desk. I simply looked up how to do things like add text in the solution’s help menu.”

Even better, Foxit streamlined what had been a cumbersome process, eliminating the need to create separate spreadsheets to keep track of pertinent information for bank examiners.

Streamlining and saving time

Before Foxit, employees would have to ask the bank’s graphic designer to do things like update branch worksheets or stitch together survey data into a more legible format for them. Now they can just go in and make the changes themselves.

A great value for the money

As the person who manages software for the bank, Block has seen his share of high-priced software, but Foxit was different. That meant his presentation to bank executives went smoothly and they quickly approved PhantomPDF Business licenses.

“With Foxit PDF Phantom Business, we get a tremendous value for the cost,” Block explains. “It’s worth every penny.”

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