How to use the pinning tool in Foxit PhantomPDF

If the 80/20 rule applies to PDFs in your workplace, you use 20% of the PDFs in your document storage or database 80% of the time. With that in mind, you may want to access some PDFs at the snap of a finger while viewing another PDF. This is where the Foxit PhantomPDF Pin tool becomes a timesaving resource.

How to use the Pin tool

There are three ways to use the pin feature:

  • Recent documents – You can pin a frequently viewed PDF to the top of your recent documents list. Just move the cursor over the document name and the pin icon appears. Click the icon and the PDF is pinned. Click the unpin icon to unpin it.
  • Cloud – Just as you can pin a file to the recent document list, you can do the same by pinning a frequently used folder to a cloud storage like Dropbox, SharePoint, or Google Drive. You can also pin the folder to recent folders for fast access.
  • Comments – The go-to option when providing feedback and referring to another PDF as recommended reading or a supplementary source. To pin a file this way, do this:
    1. Comment > Pin > File
    2. Place the cursor where you want to attach the file, and click the selected position.
    3. When the open dialogue box appears, select the desired file, and click Open.

Under the third option, you can also perform additional actions, such as adding a description to the attachment, moving the attachment to another location, or setting preferences.

Make office life easier with the Pin tool

In a world of document deluge, where chasing after files results in a whopping $267 billion revenue lost in the U.S. alone, the Foxit PhantomPDF Pin tool helps you stay organized by keeping frequently accessed PDFs just a pin away. Try it if you haven’t already.

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