How to Use Foxit Update Server: An Overview


As an IT administrator, you’re always looking to better manage and automate the software upgrade process. That includes making sure that the users upgrade to the exact release that’s tested and ready to launch.

With the Foxit Update Server, IT admins can seamlessly download, manage, and control product updates from Foxit servers, without having their users download updates directly from Foxit.

Here are some of the most popular tools included in Foxit Update Server. The Foxit Update Server and Admin Console are products that you can use separately or together. To learn more about Admin Console, scroll down this page and click “SPEAK WITH SALES” under Foxit Admin Console.

Configure updates

Once you log into the web-based portal, go to the internal update configuration tab. Under the configuration tab is where you can download the latest updates for Foxit PhantomPDF and Foxit PDF Reader.

Foxit Update Server - 1

Check for updates

Next you can set up how often you want to check for updates. The Automatically approve downloaded versions switch lets you determine this. Approved automatically means that users can access the updates as soon as they’ve been downloaded.

Like many IT administrators, however, you may not want to have those updates available right away to your users. Instead, you may want to test them out first in your test environments. For these cases, you can switch to Approved manually.

Foxit Update Server - 2

Schedule updates

Now you have the option to schedule updates, which is extremely beneficial when you don’t want a large number of users to download updates at the same time. You can send scheduled updates to users, groups, or IP addresses. You can also select the dates and times when you want your clients to update by checking the box of the user or group, and then choosing the edit update time button.

Foxit Update Server - 3

Manage Downloads

Finally, Version Management lets you manage your update download packages. You’ll see two categories: Main Packages, which are PhantomPDF and Reader releases; and Add-on (or plugin) Packages. The button under the Action column lets you approve, un-approve, or push updates to your users.

When you click the approved option, you can force clients to install the update package by making them download and install the update package to continue using the product.

Foxit Update Server - 4

Thanks to Foxit Update Server, controlling and managing Foxit software upgrades is now easier than ever. Click here to watch the video tutorial. To learn more, scroll down this page and click “SPEAK WITH SALES” under Foxit Update Server.

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