How to scan, organize and sign PDFs with Foxit PDF Editor Mac


Scanning, organizing and signing are typical workflows frequently used to modify existing PDF files, create new PDF files from existing documents, and signing documents. Yet when you’re working on a Mac, there’s an easy way to perform them all as one workflow that enables you to get more done in less time.

Here, we’ll show you how to do so by demonstrating how you can complete a lease application as an example of using Foxit PDF Editor Mac.

First, open Foxit PDF Editor Mac. Now, open the lease contract.


If the lease contract is already a form-fillable PDF, go to the “View” tab and hover over each field to start filling in the form. If it isn’t, use the “Typewriter” function in the Comments section to fill in the form.

Once you’ve filled in all the fields on the form, you can add any additional documents needed to complete the application, such as pages containing your driver’s license and pay stubs. To do this, scan or take a picture of your driver’s license and pay stubs. Next, click the dropdown menu and select the Organize > Insert > From files and look for your scanned driving license and pay stubs. If it’s an image, Foxit will ask you if you want to convert it into a PDF. Click yes. Now, select where the new page should be inserted. Do the same for any other documents you’d need to add.

Sometimes scanned documents come in upside down like this driver’s license image.

driver license image

If you want to change page orientation, click over the thumbnail and left or right.

To sign the contract, go to the Tools dropdown menu and click Sign, then click PDF Sign. You have two options: 1) draw your signature, or 2) add an image of your signature into Foxit PDF Editor Mac. If you want to do the first option, just draw your signature in the box. If you want to do the second option, simply write your signature on a piece of paper, scan it, and add it into Foxit PDF Editor Mac as the box suggests.

Once you’ve created your signature, you’ll notice that your cursor has a faint image of it attached. As you move the cursor, the signature moves with it, and as soon as you click the lease application, it places the signature down. If you want to move the signature, simply click within its box and drag it where you want it to be. Once you’re satisfied, save your PDF. That’s it. Time to email it to your new landlord!

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