How to increase your productivity when working with PDFs


Want to work faster and more efficiently with PDFs? Here are some tips and techniques that you can do while using the PDF format on the job.

Modify text in a PDF

You might have experienced this frustration—obtaining a PDF with messages on it that require modification. Have no fear because modern PDF software such as PhantomPDF allows you to modify text in a PDF as if it were in a standard word processor such as Microsoft Word. You can also use PDF to Word tools like Foxit’s own to transform the PDF to Word, so you can modify the message prior to re-saving it as a PDF.

Sign a PDF

Yes, you can print, sign, and file a physical copy of a digital document. Or copy and paste an image of a signature onto your PDF. But neither process fits in with digital workflows.

That’s where electronic signatures come into play. In other words, when you sign a document using an electronic signature tool like PDF Editor Foxit PhantomPDF paired with DocuSign. A PDF Editor program like Foxit PhantomPDF allows users to enter a digital signature, adding efficiency to processes that require signatures, such as sharing contracts with vendors.

Merge PDFs

Want to make impressive, comprehensive presentations to showcase your own work colleagues, management, or customers? Then you are going to want to understand how to merge PDFs, so you may represent multiple file types in one slick offering. If you’ve ever merged Excel documents, pie charts, graphic imagery, and text into a document, this is the tip for you. To merge multiple files, you can first convert every document into a PDF.

Combine different files into one organized PDF portfolio

The modern PDF portfolio enables you to consolidate different types of media—such as PDF files, Word documents, video files, and audio files—into one PDF portfolio. It’s like a file folder. Each media file retains its individual properties and can be opened using the application that runs it so that you can use it again as intended.

There are a lot of ways that you can use PDF portfolios. Banks and real estate agencies can keep all files for loan applications together. Law firms can put case files including depositions, interviews, videos of evidence, briefs, and more—into a PDF portfolio. You could onboard new employees by keeping all forms for health insurance, I-9, 1099s with your company policy, employee handbook.

Whether you work with PDFs on a daily basis, or every now and again, you now have the know-how to use some of the most effective features of this popular file format.

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