How to add a watermark to PDF

Foxit PDF editor

This article will tell you how to add a watermark to PDF with Foxit PDF Editor.

To add a new watermark, please do the following:

  1. Open a document where you want to add a watermark and choose and choose Organize > Watermark > Add.
  2. Edit the watermark in the “Add Watermark” dialogue box. 
    • Input the text as the background and choose the font, size and the color, or add the file from your computer via clicking the Browse button. If the file has many pages, you can select one of them.
    • Set the appearance by choosing the rotation degree and the opacity. You can also choose to make the scale relative to target page or not. Click “Appearance Options” to set when to display the watermark.
      • If you choose the “appear behind page”, the page content will obstruct your view of some part of the watermark.
      • If you choose the “appear on the top of page”, the watermark will cover some content, but you can adjust it via setting the opacity of the watermark.
    • Set the vertical and horizontal distance between the target page and the watermark.
    • Choose the page range to play the watermark. You can select all pages or specify the page range, or choose even pages or odd pages via clicking the right items in the subset list.
    • Check or uncheck the Show Preview option to preview the changes or not.
  3. Click Save Settings at the top of the dialog box to save your current settings as a profile that can be applied to other documents directly next time.
  4. Click OK to activate it.

Note: If there is no document open or you are on the Start page currently in the current application window, a dialog box will pop up after you choose Organize > Watermark > Add. In the dialog box, you can add files where you want to add watermarks and set the output options as needed.

To update the watermark, please do the following:

  1. Choose Organize > Watermark > Update.
  2. Update the content in the “Update Watermark” dialogue box.
  3. Click OK to activate it.

To remove the watermark, please do the following:

To remove the watermark from the current document, choose Organize > Watermark > Remove All. Click “Yes” in the pop-up message box. To remove watermarks from multiple documents, do the following:

  1. Close any open documents or switch to the Start page in the current application window, and then choose Organize > Watermark > Remove All.
  2.  In the pop-up dialog box, add the files, folders or opened files by clicking Add Files, Add Folders or Add Open Files. (Tip: You can also add files by directly dragging and dropping them to the box.) In the files list, you can change the order by clicking Move Up or Move Down and delete a file by clicking Remove.
  3. Click Output Options. Here, you can set the target output folder, name the file and create the log file in the dialogue box. Click OK to exit the box after completing these settings.
  4. Click OK to activate it.

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