Document Workflow Affects Customer Experience

document workflow

The overall customer experience directly impacts the success of a business, no matter the industry. When a company can establish a solid and positive experience for its customer base, it allows for faster and more sustainable growth as well as more overall brand loyalty.

You could say that customer experience is everything. These days, customers have such a wide range of options for practically every product and service that ensures customers are delivered a consistent, personalized, and frictionless service is of utmost importance.

But, how do you ensure the optimal customer experience is had throughout every point of your customer’s journey? Increasingly in today’s business landscape, the answer lies within intuitive software solutions. CRM software helps with managing and organizing customer interactions and data, communication software like Zoom enables smoother and more convenient communication, and document solutions like PDF Editor Pro + simplify and speed up the process of document creation, completion, and sharing.

On a high level, improving document workflow is what solutions like PDF and electronic signature software solutions do best – especially when used together. Below, we will look at exactly how an improved workflow can improve customer experience.

More Security

When customers feel confident that their important documents are shared and kept secure and confidential, it makes a world of difference. Digital documents and electronic signatures are inherently safer to use than traditional paperwork. Through features such as redaction, password protection, encryption, access management, and two-factor authentication (2FA), customers can ensure that no matter the sensitive information provided, it will always be kept private and safe.

Faster Solutions

When businesses have the ability to generate, share, complete, and access information faster, it can lead to faster process turnaround times, quicker contract closures, and less time spent waiting. PDF editors allow users to create digital documents more quickly, edit at a moment’s notice, and then share with any involved party in the most accepted worldwide format. Plus, by utilizing an electronic signature solution, customers can receive, sign, and complete contracts and other forms in a few clicks and move on with their day.

Improved Collaboration

Having the right document workflow in place can mean eliminating the nightmare of inefficiency and delay so often experienced when multiple departments are involved. When documents are in PDF format, they can be easily shared as needed between employees in different departments, and edits and annotations can be made quickly. Additionally, by incorporating eSignature, documents can be approved by managers and staff faster through a simple email, thus reducing long wait times.

Cost Savings

By instituting digital PDF documents, utilizing electronic signatures, and then pairing them with a digital document repository, businesses can ensure more productivity through a highly efficient document workflow, thus reducing wasted time and unnecessary resource usage. Plus, significant costs can be cut by eliminating the need for traditional paper, printing, and mailing services. These cost savings can then be passed on to the consumer.

Error Reduction

When errors occur in paperwork, it can cause severe delays and frustration for customers. By creating an efficient document workflow through digital PDF documents, errors are not only reduced, but when they occur, they can be corrected faster. This significantly reduces customer wait times and mitigates inaccuracies for a cleaner document experience.

Enhanced Convenience

Imagine a scenario where you can create and convert PDF documents in minutes, send them to your customers in seconds, and they can review and sign paperwork from wherever they are and on practically any device. This is the convenience that comes with using Foxit PDF Editor Pro +, allowing for a truly transformative document workflow and customer experience.

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