How PDF Software Saves Your Business Money

There are quite a few benefits gained when using PDF software to create documents for your business. Saving money, however, isn’t one that people often think of. Known for creating files that you can protect and that are platform independent, PDF software proved itself to be an important tool used in many of today’s companies. If you still need to make the case for implementing this type of application into your company’s computing environment, here are a few ways that your business will actually save money using PDF software. These cost savings may be just what you need to convince that one person to approve the purchase.

You save money by not having to file paper documents

Using PDF reader software on your computer or mobile device means you can share PDF files with others and never have to print the document on paper. When you consider the fact that the average office worker users about 10,000 sheets of paper every year, the costs of printing your documents start to add up. Factor in the costs associated with storing paper documents, paying someone to file all of those documents and even the eventual destruction of paper documents and it becomes rather clear that storing documents electronically rather that working with hard copies makes more economical sense.

PDF software is not expensive

When it comes to buying enterprise level word processing software, you commonly have to purchase an entire suite that includes database software, spreadsheet software and other applications. The problem is, many people never use the other applications that come along with their suite; they only use the word processor. So the cost to purchase one tool is raised because so many other software tools come bundled with it. Also, anyone who you share those documents with need to have the same software installed on their computer as well or they won’t be able to open the file.

With PDF software, you purchase one tool that you need. Eventually, you will have to share those documents you create with someone that does not have PDF software but that doesn’t hinder them from reading the file. PDF Reader software is available to them completely free of charge.

Best of all, you can still convert documents created in other word processors into a PDF file with a commercial application such as a PDF Editor like Foxit PhantomPDF and edit all of the content that you may need to change.

While you might find these two cost saving benefits attractive, what really should pique your interest is the less tangible savings that come from the security surrounding PDF files. By using the security features built into many PDF software applications, you have the ability to password protect files, redact sensitive information and encrypt the document’s content. While you save no direct money using these features, they will certainly help you should a sensitive document fall into the wrong hands. By protecting sensitive and confidential information, you go a long way towards shielding your company from fines and lawsuits associated with a data leak, along with safeguarding your company’s reputation. That’s a cost savings on an entirely different scale.

4 thoughts on “How PDF Software Saves Your Business Money

  1. Marcelo A S Insabralde

    A missing feature in Foxit Reader is PDF printing in the format 2 pages per sheet.
    In the company I work, it is widely used, but the files saved on the hard drive in PDF can not file them as well.
    When you need to reprint, you must adjust the print each file.

    I am Brazilian and my English is bad;-)
    Translation by Google.

    1. FOXITBLOG Post author

      When you go into the Print function, look for the Print Handling section in the middle of the popup box. Click on Multiple Pages Per Sheet and then choose 2 for Pages per sheet. Then click OK. This should accomplish what your trying to do.

  2. Howard Youngs

    Foxit PDF Phantom appears to possess several exciting features to try. I would like to try it sometime to solve a number of document production/storage problems.


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