How organizations squander employee productivity


Employee productivity is typically listed as a top priority for most organizations.  Ironically, most remote employees experience delays when opening documents on corporate systems.  It does not matter if they are in branch/offshored offices or working from home.  These delays are brushed aside as normal.  Upon closer inspection, file open delays quickly turn into thousands of hours of lost productivity.

Take the example of a document processing team where each employee opens 50 files per day.  Whether they are processing invoices, claims or applications, even a relatively common three second delay can be costly depending on the size of the team.  Here are a few examples:

Organizational productivity loss because of 3 second file open delays

Organizational productivity loss because of 3 second file open delays

What if the delay was 5 seconds or more or the employees are opening 100 files per day?  The additional productivity loss increases exponentially!  Large enterprises experience even greater pain.  Customer satisfaction and retention suffers as employees can’t get their job done in a timely fashion.

The solution to the problem is simple.  Most of today’s business documents continue to be created in inefficient formats such as TIFF or JPG.  These file formats as well as many other formats can often be compressed without a loss to quality to reduce the file size and therefore speed up file open times by more than 50%. That begs the question: What could you accomplish with an additional thousand hours of productivity for your team?

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