How Foxit PhantomPDF knocks out Adobe Acrobat

How Foxit PhantomPDF knocks out Adobe Acrobat

Looking for a feature-rich Adobe Acrobat Alternative because of its high cost? Want a more secure, lighter weight PDF solution? Want to standardize your PDF solution across your enterprise with more flexible licensing? PC World says, “For the vast majority of PDF tasks, PhantomPDF’s ease-of-use and broad feature set makes it a top-notch option”. And Tech Radar recently ranked Foxit PDF Reader as the best free PDF reader.

Foxit PhantomPDF software goes toe-to-toe with Adobe Acrobat on most features and has several advantages, like ease-of-use, sharing options, and PDF editing capabilities. Yet it comes in at less than a third of the price. Just one of the reasons it makes more sense to purchase Foxit PhantomPDF than upgrade to the next version of Adobe Acrobat.

The PhantomPDF interface is similar to Microsoft Word’s ribbon-based navigation. That means its setup is very intuitive which makes it a breeze for new users to get up and running.

Of course, both PDF solutions can create PDFs from many sources. However, PhantomPDF Business compresses the resulting file, saving you valuable resources.

And PhantomPDF gives you security advantages, such as PDF digital signatures, password protection and PDF encryption. But even more importantly when it comes to security, Foxit PhantomPDF offers better protection against security vulnerabilities—it simply has fewer of them. Compare that to the latest 50 or so vulnerabilities Acrobat recently had to patch.

PhantomPDF is the only alternative that extends Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management services to PDFs. It also allows you to design, edit, delete and manage RMS security watermark for RMS secured documents, enabling you to minimize risk of licensing violations while increasing the effectiveness of your communication.

PhantomPDF also gives you access to newly released ConnectedPDF technology that lets you grant and revoke access remotely, track who opens or edits your document and easily find the latest version of your document. The best part? You can do all this with cPDF in real-time, even if you’ve already sent your document to someone else or published it online.

Where Phantom PDF knocks out the competition is in the power and efficiency of its editing: annotating, cutting, redacting, linking text and altering formatting. You can scan documents and use PhantomPDF’s cutting edge OCR functionality to create readable, editable and searchable files.

Check out a detailed features comparison between PhantomPDF and Acrobat and review the pricing here.

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