How Foxit Enables PDF Editing on Shared Devices for Campus-wide Remote Access


Temporary COVID-19 resources are expiring, even though schools will still be impacted in the Fall Semester. Unlike our competitors, Foxit will continue to support schools with remote/hybrid classroom solutions.

Earlier this year, many companies offered their products for free (or with flexible terms) to help students and educational institutes cope with COVID-19 school closure. However, with the Spring semester over, companies are now putting an end to their special programs. Although most of these resources are expiring, there is no set expiration date for COVID-19, and schools are still struggling to prepare for remote or hybrid classes in the Fall Semester.

With the definite decisions to continue implementing social distancing and remote environments on campuses, access to powerful PDF editing capabilities for students and faculty/staff is important. With the Foxit PDF Solution for Education– our complete package of easy-to-use PDF viewing and editing solutions made especially for education users; schools can take the right steps towards a streamlined digital document transformation.

Foxit understands the need to continue supporting school budgets with the right resources for schools and students. Here is how we’re making a difference:

Shared Device Licensing for Access Anywhere – at home, in any classroom or lab, on-premise or online.

With the Foxit PDF Education Solution, schools can equip students with their shared device licenses for their campus despite being at home.  As a part of our PDF Education Solution, Foxit PDF Editor (our full featured desktop PDF Editor) provides students with document editing capabilities via a remote or virtual environment.

  • Shared device licenses may be installed on school-owned computers and loaned to students
  • Shared device licenses may be used in a virtualized environment
  • Free student licenses on student-owned computers with campus-wide deployment

Keep Licensing Costs within Budget

Save on costs with shared device licensing instead of purchasing individual student licenses. The result of COVID-19 resources expiring will force many schools to spend more budget on technology for individual student and staff use. Shared device licensing should still be an option despite a change in learning environments. With the Foxit PDF Education Solution, schools can save on costs by buying for sharing instead of being forced to expend more budget on student licensing plans.

“No” is not an Answer

Looking for a specific licensing plan for your school? Let us know! Foxit understands that all schools have unique needs and we will always work with you to find the perfect solution for you.  On top of allowing shared device license to be truly sharable even in remote and virtual learning environments, Foxit also offers free student licenses for site deployments.   In times like these, we understand the need to support each other more than anything else. Your proposals will always be heard. Let’s work together to provide the best solutions for our students.

The Leading Adobe Acrobat Alternative Worldwide

Join the 575 million users who made the switch to Foxit Software today. Learn more about Foxit PDF Software Education Solutions.

2 thoughts on “How Foxit Enables PDF Editing on Shared Devices for Campus-wide Remote Access

  1. DavidDavid

    Hi! I have two computers, one laptop and the other a desktop rig. I would like to purchase Foxit PDF Editor for students but I’m not sure if I could install it in both of my computers with a single licenese. Would you help me with this issue?

    Thank you!

  2. brien_maloneybrien_maloney

    Hi David,
    Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately our desktop software licenses are valid on one machine only. However, if you go to you will see our pricing for our complete cross-platform PDF solutions for students, teachers and school IT departments. Feel free to reach out if you need help and I can point you in the right direction.
    [email protected]


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