How annotations enable higher productivity


Annotations encompass a wide range of useful text markup tools, including but not limited to text underlining, highlighting, strikeout, etc. Side notes in an edited document is another common annotation. Annotations have made their way across various document mediums, including Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Let’s take a look at the various ways annotations enable productivity.

  1. Real-time collaboration

Many organizations use PhantomPDF for managing version control. However, in companies with isolated departments, teams may use different PDF reading tools. This can lead to incompatibility when cross-work is required. But ConnectedPDF is a cloud-based solution that helps get everyone on the same page.

Teams collaborating in-house or remotely can all access the same documents—and everyone can access the same document in real time regardless of their device. This eliminates the need to save the document to local hardware or send PDFs via email attachment. Anyone with authorized access can view, edit, add annotations and reply to others’ comments in the same document at the same time.

Live collaboration is now simplified whether staff are working on a financial report or architectural blueprint.

  1. Cross-platform annotations

In today’s BYOD environment, it’s more important than ever to have access to documents while on the move. Companies need to ensure their staff can access a document anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

With Foxit MobilePDF, users can create annotations at any time as long as they have a device on hand. The upside? A boost in productivity and reduction in downtime.

You can use any annotation type – from side comments to hand-drawn annotations – on MobilePDF, making the freedom to communicate and collaborate with customized commenting on a PDF virtually unlimited.

  1. Export notes and annotations

You can also use PhantomPDF to export annotations, which is an especially useful feature when working with different teams across multiple time zones. You can export all the notes from multiple PDFs and put them into a single spreadsheet, enabling all team members to view feedback and prioritize edits.

PDF annotations enable endless customized workflows. With real-time, cross-platform collaboration across the whole company, organization and communication become second nature.

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