Highlights from the new versions of Foxit PhantomPDF and Foxit Reader

Foxit Software, a leading software provider of fast, affordable, and secure PDF solutions, today released PhantomPDF 7.0 and Reader 7.0 to provide customers with enhancements to its current collaboration and security features while focusing on mobile users as well. “Foxit provides enterprises with a complete PDF platform joined through a common user experience, allowing them to standardize on a single PDF provider,” said Phil Lee, VP of Enterprise Sales at Foxit Software. This statement is well supported by the most recent versions.

What Foxit PhantomPDF 7.0 offers

Users of the PDF software will also be pleased to see that Foxit now enables sharing a document where reviewers on both desktop and mobile devices can view and respond to each other’s comments.  Foxit Shared Review bridges the gap between mobile and desktop knowledge workers to foster positive collaboration to develop better documents.  Since knowledge workers use both desktop and mobile devices, PhantomPDF Business users can initiate a Shared Review to include users of the Foxit PDF Reader (desktop users) and the MobilePDF Business apps (mobile iOS® and Android™ users).

PDF software is known for creating secure documents. Previous versions of PhantomPDF allowed users to consume, modify, and protect PDF using Microsoft® Active Directory® Rights Management Services (RMS) and Azure™ Active Directory Rights Management environments. New improvements come from:

  • Dynamic revocation that revokes a PDF document that has already been issued but a user is no longer permitted access or the document is out of date.
  • Ability for users to sort, filter, correlate, and analyze log entries to provide important security and business intelligence.
  • Additional access controls.
  • The ability to encrypt PDF files when creating the documents using the Foxit add-ins.

In addition to these important security features, Foxit’s PDF software offers an Outlook add-in that allows for PDF creation and editing capability by enabling users to convert emails to PDF directly from the Microsoft Outlook® application.  The new document sanitation feature will remove 13 different kinds of information from a document like metadata, comments, hidden data from previous saves, hidden layers, etc. all before publication.

New ways to modify existing documents are also included in PhantomPDF 7.0. Users can now:

  • Link together text boxes in a document with sophisticated layout and have the text automatically reflow across the text boxes as you edit.
  • Write and draw on PDF documents just as they would on paper through Pressure Sensitive Ink (PSI) technology.
  • Replicate the text’s style (font, bold, color, etc.) when copying and pasting text.
  • Edit an objects shading, change text to shape, and text merge/split.

Enhancements to digital signature security include a password that protects against unauthorized usage of a digital signature. Users can also digitally sign XML Forms Architecture (XFA) forms and verify the digital signatures on XFA forms signed by others.

Rounding out the new improvements is the ability to generate a 2D barcode on fillable forms that contains data entered by the end user. After printing and signing submitted forms, users can quickly scan the form’s data so it is easily and accurately captured into databases or applications.

Foxit PDF Reader 7.0’s enhanced feature set

The aforementioned Shared Review feature crosses over into Foxit’s PDF reader as well, allowing users to mark-up PDFs using a full set of commenting tools — including sticky notes, a highlighter, lines, shapes, stamps, and a typewriter tool. While shared reviews can only be initiated from Foxit PDF Editor Pro, reviewers can use the improved Foxit PDF Reader or Foxit MobilePDF products to provide document feedback.

Foxit PDF Reader also benefits from the 2D barcode display as forms filled out will produce the same barcode capabilities to assist with data collection. Another feature that has crossed over is the Foxit Enterprise Reader RMS Plug-in which provides the improvements mentioned above.

Foxit provides users with a more customizable user environment. Built on a ribbon-based toolbar similar to Microsoft Office 2013 (Office 15) the interface provides graphical command buttons organized in tabs based on function. Users can also create new tabs or customize current tabs and define which buttons should be located in which tab, or direct create a new tab with their favorite buttons.

Enterprise PDF software continues to prove itself as a staple in the workplace and Foxit continues to provide users with fast, affordable, and secure PDF software that delivers a superior return on investment compared to other PDF products.

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