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Foxit Embedded PDF SDK 2.0 has been launched! We all know that Foxit PDF SDK is one of the most popular products of our product line because of its easy to use and our great support (thanks to Foxit SE team!)

Today, the all new Foxit Embedded SDK supports more platforms than ever: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Linux and even  Windows 8! This makes our SDK a true platform independent product 😀

Here are what new features we added into Foxit emb 2.0:

PDF form filling and data collection

PDF forms allow authors to create digital forms using standard PDF technology so these forms can be viewed, read, and filled-in through freely available PDF readers and internet browsers. Data from these forms can be captured and stored in repositories. The Embedded PDF SDK PDF Forms module allows developers to display PDF forms on mobile devices for their users to fill out.  Support for JavaScript allows developers to validate data and to submit the collected data to a back end repository.

Digital signature capability

Digital signatures enable users to exchange documents electronically with the assurance that the documents’ contents have not been modified since it was digitally signed and to verify the signers’ digital identity. Foxit Embedded PDF SDK Digital Signature module provides developers the ability to digitally sign PDF documents using third-party digital signatures and to verify digitally signed PDF documents.


Digital Rights Management (DRM) provides copyright protection for digital media. Its purpose is to prevent unauthorized access or redistribution of digital media. The Foxit Embedded PDF SDK Security encryption/decryption module provides hooks that allow developers to integrate PDF documents into their existing DRM solutions. Developers can implement features to password protect PDF files and to enforce associated security options to determine who can perform actions such as read, modify, text copy, print, save, and more.

Pressure sensitive digital ink

Digital ink enables users to write directly on the screen to control their application and to input information which appears as natural-looking handwriting or drawings. Pressure sensitive digital ink provides a more natural inking experience that allows users to write and draw just as they would with pen on paper. Users are able to finely control the appearance of their annotations, such as thickness, color, opacity, and texture. The Foxit Embedded PDF SDK Pressure Sensitive Digital Ink module allows developers to incorporate pressure sensitive digital ink capabilities into their PDF solution.

Cannot wait to try it out? Here is the link to get it:


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