Foxit release WebPDF 1.3

The Foxit WebPDF SDK is based on the Foxit PDF Reader rendering engine, which shares the same underlying technology that powers Google’s open-source PDFium project, and it is used by thousands of developers worldwide to build browser-based applications.

The new release (1.3) includes:

  • Individual user permissions: Support importing user permissions from a 3rd-party system to set different function for different user based on each document. Allow some users to just view the document and let others create annotations, for example.
  • Comment panel: Easily view and jump to any annotation in a PDF. The panel format is similar to that found in Reader and Phantom.
  • Stamping: WebPDF SDK now supports stamping of PDF documents. Both standard static stamps and dynamic stamping are supported. Dynamic stamping can obtain server information such as name, date and time.
  • Improved Performance: Foxit improved SDK performance by reducing https requests and merging javascript, image and CSS sources.
  • Refined UX: Page navigation and zoom have been refined for mobile users.

See the website for a full list of existing features.

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