Foxit PDF Technology Chosen for Google Open-Source

Google is responsible for some of the most important open source projects of our time. Chromium, the Google Web Toolkit and Android are just a few names that are synonymous with a company that began as an Internet search engine. While there are many other names on that list, one newer project shows enough promise to earn itself a spot on the list with the best of them; and that project is known as PDFium.

PDFium provides developers the opportunity to leverage a standards-compliant and high performance PDF open-source software library to view, search, print, and form fill PDF documents and PDF forms. And Google has turned to Foxit’s PDF technology to supply the open source PDF rendering engine for this project.  Developers can use PDFium to deliver content via PDF files to users regardless of their computing platform or device.

According to Eugene Xiong, Founder and Chairman of the Board at Foxit, “Foxit is honored to be chosen as the PDF provider for the open-source PDFium project. Our high performance, highly accurate, and platform-independent software technology will help developers everywhere to incorporate powerful PDF technology when creating innovative applications.”

Help for PDF developers

Being an open source project, the success of PDFium is reliant on the community that supports it. Developers who need assistance with PDFium technology will also be able to count on Foxit to provide more than just the PDF framework for this project. The company has pledged to participate in the discussion groups as community members and will also provide training and professional services to those who seek this level of support.

For developers who require a commercial product and/or additional PDF functionality, the Foxit PDF SDK (Software Development Kit) shares the underlying technology that produced the PDFium rendering engine. “Foxit is committed to helping developers integrate powerful and standards-compliant PDF technology into their value added applications,” says Frank Kettenstock – VP of Marketing at Foxit.  “Whether developers prefer the open-source model through the PDFium project, or through a commercial SDK, Foxit provides the software and services to make development teams successful with PDF.”

Moving forward, PDFium shows great promise to those who wish to develop for a wider range of users and not tie themselves to one particular operating system or device.


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