Foxit PDF Solution for Education – Undergo Digital Transformation and Enhance Efficiency Across Campus


Uncover the Powerful Features of PDF Technology for Education

Today, digital transformation has taken the education sector by a storm. New technology practices have shown a definite increase in both workplace productivity and learning efficiency in schools worldwide. Every school strives to create the best academic environment for their students, and many are turning towards digital solutions in order to achieve that goal. That’s why Foxit provides schools, teachers, and students with our full featured products with education pricing, so everyone can benefit from digital document solutions across campus.

Foxit is excited to announce the Foxit PDF Solution for Education– our complete package of easy-to-use PDF solutions made especially for education users. With limitless features of advanced PDF document editing that runs across all platforms, your school can take the right steps towards a streamlined digital document transformation.

The Foxit PDF Solution for Education is comprised of:

  • PhantomPDF Business for Windows or PhantomPDF Mac (desktop application)
  • Phantom PDF Online (all web browsers)

Also includes add-on:

  • Foxit PDF Reader Mobile for iOS, Android, Chromebook

Here’s how your school campus can benefit from Foxit:

  • Remote Learning Reimagined

Foxit has cross platform solutions so students, teachers, and staff can access and edit digital documents regardless of what device they are on. With Foxit PhantomPDF, users can take scanned pages and convert them into high definition searchable and editable PDF documents in a single process. Furthermore, users can create, edit, annotate, sign, convert, and manipulate pages and content of documents all within the same PDF Editor. Maintain correct document formats, protect learning materials from unwanted edits, and make documents viewable for students, parents, teachers and staff.

  • Save on Costs by Going Paperless

It’s a no brainer that schools process a lot of documents. Schools are responsible documents ranging from administrative contracts and forms to student records. Every year the education sector uses 34 billion sheets of paper in the United States alone. Assuming its 5 cents per sheet, paper ends up costing schools 2 billion dollars a year (NCES National Center for Education Statistics). Going paperless is not a simple task, but Foxit’s PDF solutions make it easier than ever to take that first step of automating digital document conversion.

  • Giving Schools a Choice

With Foxit, school IT can choose between perpetual licenses or subscription. We understand your needs and want to provide the best solution for you. That’s another reason why Foxit offers our enterprise level solutions at education pricing, so even more schools can benefit from our solutions. Save on costs with a leading PDF technology vendor and standardize on a single PDF solutions provider across campus.

  • Create Accessible Documents for Students of All Abilities

Equal education and learning inclusion are a necessity in schools. Foxit’s PDF technology provides schools with the resources to create documents that are accessible and compliant under Section 508 and ADA. Remediate and auto-tag documents so everyone has access to the documents they need.

  • Document Compliance

Under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), schools are required to protect the privacy of their student education records. With Foxit PhantomPDF users can redact confidential information permanently (names, social security numbers, addresses, etc.) from school records. Know who has access to your documents by adding password protection and restrict outside editing.

  • Quality and Equity Solutions for Students

Not every student is equipped with the same devices or have access to the same technology. However, every student deserves the right to have access to the same technology that is available for everyone. For campus-wide deployments, Foxit offers free licenses to your students so they can also work with digital documents across all devices.  In addition, Foxit also provides free solutions for individual use such as PhantomPDF Online through September.

Find the Right Solution for You

From school IT administration to teachers and students, Foxit has the right solution for you. Learn more about how you can benefit from Foxit’s PDF features on our education site:

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