Foxit PDF Creator Add-in gives you advanced PDF Workflows from Microsoft Office

Foxit PDF Creator Add-in for Office

To help increase your productivity, Microsoft Office add-ins offer custom commands and new features in Office programs. Not to be outdone, we’ve got one for PDF, of course.

Foxit PDF Creator, the Microsoft Office add-in, gives you additional control over the PDF files you produce. While the settings are different for each of the Microsoft Office applications, in general, the add-in lets you add security, insert bookmarks and add headers/footers/watermarks, to name a few of its capabilities.

The Foxit PDF Creator add-in is a component of Foxit PDF Editor, you can select to install it when installing Foxit PDF Editor. In Microsoft Office, the add-in appears as a tab (the Foxit PDF tab), which enables you to quickly create professional PDF files in just a few clicks. If you have installed the component, but still don’t see the tab on the toolbar in your Office applications’ ribbon, the add-in may be disabled. To re-enable the Foxit PDF Creator add-in in Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, follow these steps:

1. Click File > Options > the Add-Ins category.

2. In the Manage box, choose COM Add-ins, and then click Go.

3. The COM Add-Ins dialog box appears. Select the check box next to the Foxit PDF Creator add-in, and then click OK.

To modify the Office add-in settings: 

  1. In the Office program, on the Foxit PDF tab, click the Advanced button and the Foxit PDF Editor Add-in dialog box pops up.
  2. In the Settings tab, choose a type of default setting from the Default Settings list and click Edit to create and modify your customized default settings as needed.

To view any of the other add-ins you have installed:

  1. Click File > Options > Add-Ins.
  2. Highlight each add-in to see the add-in name, its publisher, compatibility, its location on your computer, and a description of its functions.

Now that you’re ready to start adding more functionality to the PDFs you create within Microsoft Office applications, install Foxit PDF Editor and start using the Foxit PDF Creator add-in today.

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